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Year 6

Year 6 Pupils working as a fantastic team at the Maths Challenge

Inter-Primary School Maths Challenge

On Thursday 23rd May, we went to a maths challenge at Barton Primary School. There were seven teams, including us, from other primary schools. We had a range of tricky maths problems to earn clues to help us solve a big maths problem that had seven steps to it. The final answer gave us a code to unlock a treasure chest full of chocolate! It was a fantastic afternoon and lots of fun working as a team whilst investigating. Kate, Hayden, Nieve, Micah, Jessica and Luca.

Communication towers by Year 6

Budding Engineers

During SATs week, Y6 pupils were given the chance to step into the shoes of an engineer. Through a variety of creative and practical activities, they explored and constructed the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to design and make a communications tower. They carried out a range of investigations and used their findings to team-design their structure. They firstly looked at the strength and stability of geometric shapes. Next, they investigated joint connections and beam strength when placed under pressure. They made predictions and evaluated their findings, which then informed their final design. The communications towers were tested with a weight of up to 2 kg. They were also tested for height (at least 0.5m) and stability. We took photographs to showcase their fantastic week of investigation, design and construction. Well done Y6!

Welcome to Year 6 - Opal and Pearl Classes

Year Six News

We have started studying Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night and have been very impressed with how quickly everyone has got to grips with the complicated story line. To celebrate our learning, we will be turning our classrooms into a theatre at the end of term and watching The Royal Shakespeare Company perform the play all the way from Stratford Upon Avon.


At consultations on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th March we will share stars and targets with pupils and parents. This will include the results of our most recent assessments just before half term and we will give out the test papers. The links below will take you to the reading and maths mark schemes the texts used in the reading test.


We are continuing our flipped learning approach and the expectation remains that all pupils do two 10-minute reading tests and two 10-minute maths tests a week in addition to their daily reading, completing their reading logs and spelling practice.

We will also be setting one GPS test a week on the website and highly recommend pupils take one of these tests every week to help prepare them for their SATs. Pupils also have log ins for Bug Club (reading comprehension) and Study Ladder (maths) as an additional support.


Finally, if there are any more videos you would like us to make explaining how we teach a particular concept please let us know.


Year Six Remembrance 2018

To remember the end of World War One, Year Six led two very special services today (Friday 9th November). Our morning service was shared with the whole school and each year group laid a wreath of poppies that they had made. Our afternoon service was shared with parents, carers, family and friends. We shared poems and songs that we had written ourselves and some that were written by people who had experienced the war. Please click on the links to hear us singing We Shall Remember and performing War Horse.The Power Point from the service can be found in the British Values section of our website. 

We shall Remember performed by Year Six

War Horse by Year Six

Year Six wrote and performed their own version of Brenda William's called War Horse at our Remembrance Service.