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Week beginning 18th May - Book Week

Friday 22nd May

It's Friday already! We hope you have enjoyed Book Week, we know we have!  Thank you for all the fantastic learning you have sent us.

For English today you have 2 activities. There is a phonics video for you to watch in the video resource centre and 2 activities to follow up with below. We would also like you to send us a photo of you reading in an unusual place around your house or garden. If you look below we have taken some photos of us all doing this! Below you will also find the answers to this week's Book Week quiz and a link to our who's who video which we've made for you.


In Maths today there is a quiz to practise and check our previous learning.  The answers are on the website too so you can see how you are doing.  Everyone has done a great job learning about coins over the last few days.  Understanding money is a great skill to keep practising and developing at home and will always be useful.


Don't forget that it is our half term break for the next two weeks, so there will be no remote school.  There is an activity grid with ideas you might enjoy.  There is no need to send us anything, we just want you to have fun with your families.  We wish you a lovely break and let's hope the sun keeps shining! 



Where are you reading?

'wh' phonics

Book Week quiz - the answers

Thursday 21st May

Good morning Amber and Topaz class. What a lovely sunny day it was yesterday! It was so nice to see some photos of some of you enjoying the sunshine. There is a video for you to watch today. It's of Smiley Shark - all the way through so you can see if your predictions were correct!


For your English today we would like you to design a cover for your favourite book. It might be a book which you have at home or it might be one which we have shared in school or remote school. There is a sheet below if you wanted to do it on a book template or you can just draw it on a piece of paper. 

Can you also practise writing your capital letters M, K and Z please. You have the sheets in your remote learning packs already at home. There is a link to the website if you wanted to watch the videos. 


In Maths today we are learning to work out change.  This will be a really useful skill to have when we can go shopping again! There is a video to watch before you start. 


Fun animal fact of the day

Did you know that the blue whale can make the loudest sound of all animals?

Book Cover

Look at Eva's beautiful rainbow fish she designed and labelled for science

Lizzie has been growing cress at home.

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning everyone and we hope that you are all well. We've had lots of people sending us their answers to the Book Week quiz and having a guess at who we all are in the video. If you haven't already done so there is still time for you to have a go at both of these. We'll post the answers at the end of the week. 

Today for your English there is a video for you to watch. It's called 'Smiley Shark'. Your task today is to listen to the story then have a go at predicting what happens next. You can do this by drawing what you think happens next, writing  in sentences or even making a video explaining what you think happens next. Or, if you have a different way of showing us your ideas that would be great too. We're sure you will have some amazing ideas! 

Today for Maths we would like you to use your money skills to solve some word problems. Read the questions carefully and think about what you need to do.  You will need your adding and counting on skills.  (There is no video today).  In your original home learning pack there were pages on adding coins to make up to a certain amount.  These would also be good practice if you still have them.  Don't forget to keep practising your spelling skills of the number words too! 


Fun animal fact of the day

Did you know that hippo's can run around  twenty miles per hour on land and that they can hold their breath for more then five minutes when they go under water?

Harrison has been raising caterpillars and this weekend this beautiful butterfly emerged. How amazing!

Tuesday 19th May

Today for Book Week the Year 1 staff have all helped to read you a story. You can watch the video of us sharing a story in the Video Resource Centre. We hope that you enjoy it! Well done to those of you who completed the quiz yesterday and had a go at guessing what characters we all were. If you haven't already you can still have a go. We'll post the answers at the end of the week.

Today for English there is a phonics activity to complete, practising reading words with 'ar' and 'or'. You already have the activity in your phonics packs at home. There is a video below and a copy of the activity in case you can't find it. 


In Maths today we are learning about using coins to make a given amount.  There is a video to watch before you start.  


Fun animal fact of the day

Mrs Richards had got another fun fact for you. Did you know that around 50% of orangutans have fractured bones due to falling out of trees regularly? 

'ar' and 'or' words

Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone and welcome to our first day of Book Week. Today for your English you have a book quiz below for you to complete. There is also a 'Guess who I am?' quiz on the Video Resource Centre. Can you guess which characters we're describing? If you know who we are please send us an email with your answers. 


In Maths this week our topic is money, carrying on from our learning last term.  There is a video to watch before you start.  For your warm ups this week we would like you to practise spelling your number words.  See if you can spot some of them on the new coins!


Fun animal fact of the day

Did you know that lions rest for 20 hours every day?


Book Week Quiz

Lizzie's lovely rainbow is made from aqua beads!