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Week 1 - w/c 4th January

Welcome to remote learning!

Week Commencing 4th January


Hello Year 6! How are you? We hope that you are well.

The very first thing that we would like you to do this week is read through the letters linked below. There is one letter for you and one letter for your parents/carers. These letters explain everything you need to know about the remote learning and our expectations so read them very carefully. 

Parents - please read:

Just a little note to inform you that we will start to contact you soon to check in and see how things are going.

Pearl Class - you will receive a phone call (from a private/withheld number) either Wednesday afternoon, Thursday or Friday. Don't worry if you miss the call, we will try again another time. (If you cannot pick up the phone/miss both calls, please drop us an email.) 

Opal Class - we are going to trial School Cloud this week. A 5 minute appointment will be scheduled for you and you will receive the information for this via email. If you cannot make this appointment, do not worry. Please email and we will re-arrange. 

We understand that lots of you will be very busy working/working from home at the moment. In these phone/video calls, we will try to arrange a suitable time to contact you going forward. 


Now, let's get stuck into our remote learning for the week!

Friday 8th January 2021

Happy Friday, Year 6!  Hopefully, you are all settling into the routine of remote learning now. Thank you to those who have  emailed in some of their learning already. If you haven't, please could you do so today.

We will continue contacting you today, either by phone or by School Cloud. Unfortunately, School Cloud was a little temperamental yesterday, so if it cuts off, we will follow up with a phone call. Please don't forget, the phone call will show as a private or withheld number. We will try everybody, although understandably we don't always get through, so if we haven't got hold of you by the end of the day, we haven't forgotten. We will drop you an email and try again next week.

Have fun with your learning today, and have a great weekend!

IT'S COMPETITION TIME!!! Every Friday, we will have a fun competition for you to get involved in. This week, we have the... Best Brunch Competition! Send in a photo of your breakfast or lunch. Cook something delicious or present your meal in a creative way (e.g. beans on toast as a smiley face or make a rainbow with your food). The most delicious looking meals and the best presented meals will be crowned the winners. Emails must be sent in by 1:45pm, and the winners will be announced by 3pm. Good luck and have fun!


Winners! Wow Year 6, you sent in some amazing competition entries today. Your brunch entries look delicious. Today's winners are... Sophia, Ryka, Craig, Anya, Chloe and Ben H. Congratulations!

Don't forget to look out for the competition again next Friday!


P.S. Here is Miss Foster's entry (a rather shocked looking bagel)...

and Mrs Lee's glamorous lunch!

English (1 hour of learning):

Friday is SPAG day! Normally, you would do your spelling test at the start of this lesson. Today, you are just getting your new spellings. Don't forget to practise them before next week's test! Chapter 17 of Street Child has also been added today.

For your English lesson today, we are going to be revisiting direct speech, continuing our learning from last term. Please watch the Direct Speech video, follow the tasks, then use the slides (the last few) to check your answers.

Maths (1 hour of learning):

Well done this week with your decimals learning everyone. Today we will look at multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Use the place value chart to help you if needed. Also look out for the extra challenges on the power point PDF. Good luck!

If you finish your learning early, have a go at the 5-a-day challenge...


Art (1 hour of learning):

Our new Art topic is Using Perspective. Please watch the video below to learn about perspective, and to discover the instructions for your task. Use the slides if you want to enlarge the images on screen.

Thursday 7th January 2021

Good morning Year 6! How are you today? How was your first day of remote learning? Thank you to those of you who emailed us yesterday, it sounds like you are really enjoying the new Windrush topic in English. Miss Foster would just like to apologise for the sound on her videos being a big dodgy - she is having some issues with the microphone and and is trying to get it sorted as quickly as possible. 

We hope you enjoy the learning again today. Remember, each lesson should last for an hour and you need to complete your CGP books and reading too. As an extra activity today, try to get some fresh air today and go for a walk. You could take a photograph of something you see when you are out and about (we would love to see your photo when you email us). Chapter 16 of Street Child has also been uploaded for you.

We look forward to reading your emails and speaking to some more of you today. Here is your learning:


There are 2 videos to help you with your learning today. Watch the first video and decide if you would like some extra support by watching the second video too. 


Please use the video to help you with today's learning, as well as the place value chart. Have a good day.


Today we are starting our new topic of 'Light!'. There is a practical activity for you to have a go at in this lesson (instructions on the video and PPT). If you have the resources in your house then try it out, you could take a photograph of the finished result to email to us. If you do not have the resources, don't worry too much, skip ahead to the next task.

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good morning Year 6. Please find your remote learning below. Remember to watch the video on the video resource centre web page first and then use the documents below to complete your task. There is also an additional video for you today - story time with Mrs T! Sit back and enjoy Chapter 15 of Street Child.

Have fun and enjoy the learning today. Remember, we are here to help you if you need us!


Welcome to your new English topic - Migration. There are quite a few sources to explore here for your learning today. Most of you will complete all of these sources, however, don't worry if don't get through them all. Try your best and complete as many as you can. The main aim is to make sure that you understand what The Windrush is. You should be spending 1 hour completing this learning. Have fun!


Welcome to your learning on decimals. Please use the PDF pages and the video to help you with your learning and the format for these lessons. There is also a question PDF and an answer one. If you're unsure with a question, move on and try again later; if you're still struggling check the answer sheet and see if you can find the calculation to make the answer. You're expected to do an hour a day of Maths, don't worry if you don't complete all the tasks every day, but it is important you do what you can. Good luck.