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Book week commencing Monday 18th May

Welcome to Book Week at home

Each day there will be a selection of different quizzes and activities for all ages to test your book knowledge! 
Competition time

KS2 - Do you think you have unequalled Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry knowledge? Have you read all the Harry Potter books? Then this challenge is for you. Every day there will be a different Harry Potter quiz. To enter you must email your completed quiz of the day to me by 4pm to have a chance of winning the ‘Wizard Five Quiz Challenge’.

KS1- How good is your book knowledge?? Can you answer five different quizzes in five days? To enter you must email me your completed daily quiz to me by 4pm each day.
FS1/FS2 - How well do you know your book characters? This week I have set four different quizzes for you to answer. Can you, with the help of your grownup, complete each daily quiz and send it to me by 4pm that day to enter.

Every day there will be different book themed activities for all age groups and if you are doing the quizzes for fun I will post the answers the following day.

There will be certificates and prizes for anyone who completes the challenges with all answers correct!

For all you budding authors try your hand at entering ‘The Vine Grand Writing competition’ details below.  
All entries must be in by 4pm Friday 22nd May.

prizes for the best story’s 


Please email entries to me Mrs Irish at

Please make sure your name and class is written clearly on your quiz and story entries.

I look forward to seeing your entries.

Good luck!


Mrs Irish 




The Vine Grand writing competition 

Harry Potter quiz answers.


Quiz answers 

Friday 22nd May

If you are in Year 6 and joining us for the first time today I have a challenge for you!! Can you complete all five Harry Potter quizzes  today and send them to me before 4pm? There is one on each day of this week, just complete and email it to me with your name on!! There will be certificates for the anyone who manages all five quizzes with the most correct answers!
Good luck! 

Mrs Irish

Thursday’s quiz answers 

Thursday 21st May

Wednesday’s quiz answers 

Wednesday 20th May

Tuesday’s quiz answers 

Tuesday 19th May

Monday quiz answers 

Monday 18th May