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This page will be updated in September 2020 to show the new teaching teams.

Leadership Team

Mr Faris Headteacher
Mrs Cooper Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Kenny Assistant Head

Foundation Stage 1 - Pre-School

Mrs Bransbury Pre-School Manager
Mrs Colchester Deputy Pre-School Manager
Miss Docwra  Pre-School Assistant
Mrs Quinney Pre-School Assistant
Mrs Kemp  Pre-School Assistant
Miss Bates Pre-School Assistant

Foundation Stage 2 - Reception

Mrs Westwood Coral Class Teacher
Mrs Grimshaw Ruby Class Teacher
Miss Gray Ruby Class Teacher
Mrs Buddle - Class Teacher
Mrs Lye - TA
Mr Whitbread -TA
Mrs Richards - TA
Mrs Smith -TA

Year 1

Mrs Bennett Amber Class Teacher
Mrs Macfarlane - TA
Mrs Teirlinck - Topaz Class Teacher
Mrs Manning Topaz Class Teacher
Mrs Lee - TA

Year 2

Mrs Hunt Emerald Class Teacher
Miss Gray -Jade Class Teacher
Miss Davenport - HLTA
Mrs Pritchard - TA
Mrs Heaney - TA
Mrs Hien -TA

Year 3

Mr Hoque Jasper Class Teacher
Miss Plane Turquoise Class Teacher
Mr Minei - TA
Mr Morgan - TA
Mrs Wray - TA

Year 4

Miss Hawksworth  Class Teacher
Mrs Stewart  Class Teacher
Mrs Richardson Class Teacher
Mrs Partridge - TA
Mrs Wales - TA
Mrs Jones - TA

Year 5

Mr Johnson Amethyst Class Teacher
Mrs Arthurs - TA
Miss Evans - Tanzanite Class Teacher
Mrs Wilkins - Class Teacher
Miss Smalley - Teacher
Mrs Bell - TA

Year 6

Mr Richardson Class Teacher
Miss Foster Opal Class Teacher
Mrs Thompson Pearl Class Teacher
Mrs Lee - TA
Mrs Letch - TA

Team Support

Mrs Bell - Gardening
Mrs Brunsting - IT Technician / GDPR
Mrs Jones - Inclusion Manager
Mrs Lee - Academic Mentor
Mrs Letch - KS2 Mentoring
Mr Morgan - Music
Miss Smalley - Curriculum Cover Co-ordinator

Office / Site Team

Mrs Beedle
Miss Hilling
Mrs Singleterry
Mrs Heaney
Mr Doidge
Mrs Farrington-Lock

Breakfast Club

Mrs Bransbury - Breakfast Club Manager
Mr Morgan - Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Quinney - Breakfast Club Assistant
Miss Bates - Breakfast Club Assistant

After School Club

Mrs Pritchard - After School Club Manager
Mr Whitbread - ASC Assistant
Miss Bates - ASC Assistant
Mrs Richards - ASC Assistant
Please note: The remaining staff drawings will be available very soon.