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Who's Who

Leadership Team

Pre School Team

Mrs Bransbury - Pre School Manager

Mrs Grimshaw - Pre School Teacher - Early Years Lead

Miss Hawksworth - Pre School Teacher

Mrs Upchurch - Pre School Assistant

Mrs Docwra - Pre School Assistant

Mrs Chouksey - Pre School Assistant


Reception Team

Mrs Richardson - Ruby Class Teacher

Mrs Norris - Coral Class Teacher 

Mrs Grimshaw - Coral Class Cover Teacher - Early Years Lead

Miss Cornwell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Aboubeker  - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gentle - Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Mrs Bennett - Amber Class Teacher

Miss Davenport - Topaz Class Teacher

Miss Smalley - Amber Class Teacher (Friday)

Mrs N Lee - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Smith- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Richards - Teaching Assistant


Year 2 Team

Mrs Stewart - Emerald Class Teacher

Mrs Westwood - Jade Class Teacher (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Mr Harvey - Jade Class Teacher (Thurs, Fri)

Mrs  Cleland - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (& EAL Specialist)

Mrs Hien- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Chapman - Teaching Assistant


Year 3 Team

Mrs Teirlinck - Jasper Class Teacher (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Miss K Gray - Jasper Class Teacher (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs G Catton - Turquoise Class Teacher

Mrs Somasundaram - Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

Miss Foster - Moonstone Class Teacher

Mrs Gawthrope - Sapphire Class Teacher

Mrs Wales - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Miss Miles - Amethyst Class Teacher

Mr Johnson - Tanzanite Class Teacher

Mrs Arthurs - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Menella - Teaching Assistant


Year 6 Team 

Mr McGuire - Opal Class Teacher

Mrs Thompson - Pearl Class Teacher

Mr Richardson - Quartz Class Teacher

Miss Munro - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dawson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs McKnight - Teaching Assistant

Class Support Team

Mrs Jones - Inclusion Manager

Mrs Letch - KS2 Mentoring

Mrs W Lee - Academic Mentor

Mrs Munro - Catch Up Teacher

Mrs Gentle - Language Link

Mrs Taylor - School Nurse

Mrs Lawrence - Therapist

                    - IT Technician / GDPR

Mrs Maya - Therapeutic Behaviour

Mrs Bell - Therapeutic  Gardener / Gardening Clubs

Mr Minei - Physical Support coach

Mrs Talmage - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (covering leadership and absence)

Office Team


Mr Crabb - Finance Assistant

Mrs Farrington - Lock - Site Assistant

Mr Clayton - Grounds Maintenance

Mrs Beedle - Office Assistant - Communications

Miss Hilling - Office Assistant - Pupils

Mrs Singleterry - Office Assistant - Personnel

Mrs Heaney - Senior Leadership Personal Assistant (Remote working)

Breakfast & After School Club Team

Miss Bates - BASC Manager

Mrs Colchester - Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss Isaac  - BASC Assistant

Miss Cornwell - After School Club Assistant

Miss Munroe - After School Club Assistant

Mrs Chouksey - After School Club Assistant

Lunchtime Team

Miss Bates

Miss Figueira

Mrs Osborn

Miss Rasina



Mrs Debbie Ablett

Mrs Carole Moore

Mrs Vicky Paffett

Mrs Jo Shadrack

Cleaning Team

Mrs Gentle

Mrs Chapman

Mrs Sibirska

Mrs Bonfield