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Leadership Team

Foundation Stage 1 - Pre School Team

Mrs Bransbury - Pre School Manager

Miss Hawksworth - Pre School Teacher

Miss Buddle - Pre School Teacher

Mrs Upchurch - Pre School Assistant

Mrs Docwra - Pre School Assistant

Mrs Smith - Pre School Assistant


Foundation Stage 2 Team

Mr Harvey - Coral Class Teacher 

Miss K Gray - Ruby Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Richardson - Ruby Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Lye - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pritchard - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Mrs Bennett - Amber Class Teacher

Miss Davenport - Topaz Class Teacher

Miss Smalley - Amber Class Teacher (Friday)

Mrs  Cleland - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (& EAL Specialist)

Mrs N Lee - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hien - Teaching Assistant


Year 2 Team

Mrs Hunt - Emerald Class Teacher

Mrs Tierlinck - Jade Class Teacher

Mrs Manning - Jade Class Teacher

Mrs Richards - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Somasundaram - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

Mr Hoque - Jasper Class Teacher

Miss G Gray - Turquoise Class Teacher

Miss Munro  - Teaching Assistant

Mr Minei - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Somasundaram - Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

Mrs Stewart - Moonstone Class Teacher

Mrs Kenny - Moonstone Class Teacher (Wednesday)

Miss Plane - Sapphire Class Teacher

Mrs Wales - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Miss Miles - Amethyst Class Teacher

Miss Evans - Tanzanite Class Teacher

Mr Johnson - Iolite Class Teacher

Mrs Arthurs - Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team 

Miss Foster - Opal Class Teacher

Mrs Thompson - Pearl Class Teacher

Mr Richardson - Quartz Class Teacher

Mr Ben Whitbread - Teaching Assistant

Class Support Team

Mrs Jones - Inclusion Manager

Mrs Letch - KS2 Mentoring

Mrs W Lee - Academic Mentor

Mrs Partridge - Maths Tutor

Mrs Munro - Catch Up Teacher

Mrs Taylor - School Nurse

Mrs Brunsting - IT Technician / GDPR

Mrs Bell - Gardening Clubs

Mrs Talmage - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (covering leadership and absence)

Office Team

Mr Doidge - Resources Manager / Finance

Mr Crabb - Finance Assistant

Mrs Farrington - Lock - Site Assistant

Mr Clayton - Grounds Maintenance

Mrs Beedle - Office Assistant - Communications

Miss Hilling - Office Assistant - Pupils

Mrs Singleterry - Office Assistant - Personnel

Mrs Heaney - Senior Leadership Personal Assistant 

Breakfast & After School Club Team

Mrs Pritchard - BASC Manager

Miss Bates - BASC Assistant

Mrs Colchester - Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs Richards - After School Club Assistant

Mr Whitbread - After School Club Assistant

Lunchtime Team

Mrs Gentle

Mrs Chapman



Mrs Debbie Ablett

Mrs Carole Moore

Mrs Vicky Paffett

Mrs Jo Shadrack

Cleaning Team

Mrs Gentle

Mrs Chapman

Mrs Sibirska