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Cambourne Church

At the heart of our community is the Cambourne Church which is the Parish Church for Cambourne. Cambourne Church is a multi-denominational church formed by a partnership between the Church of England, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Baptist Church. In addition a Roman Catholic mass takes place once-a-week in the Church building.

Cambourne Church is a fresh expression of church and welcomes all people - those who have faith and those who are searching. Please see our website for more information:

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The Vine School Church Family

Mrs Jane Brooks

I am the children’s and families worker at Cambourne Church and I usually work with children up to 11 years of age and their families.  It is lovely that many of the children I have worked with then come and help out at children’s clubs and events once they are themselves of secondary school age.  I lead worship at The Vine School every other week, working closely with The Methodist church (who cover the other weeks) to deliver a single programme of weekly worship.  I visit The Vine to train Year 5, towards the end of the Summer term each year, to lead prayers during worship each day once they are in Year 6.  The children write their prayers during worship, incorporating its theme and their response, and then lead the whole school in prayer at the end of worship.  Their prayers are always amazing, and some samples can be found in the School Hall, and on the website. 

I also support the RE curriculum, coming into school to explore baptism, the church’s place in community and prayer with various year groups. Each year before Christmas I host the Christingle and Celebration of learning in Cambourne Church. I attend key events at the Vine, such as the Harvest service, the leavers service and enjoy supporting the fun smart learning days.

Contact  07850961000 or


Mr Jonathan Buwert

I am the youth worker at Cambourne Church and usually work with young people of secondary school age. I also support Year 6 pupils in the transition into secondary school, and have particularly worked with students from the Vine because of the relationship that the church has with the Vine school. During the Summer term each year I meet with one or two small groups of students over six weeks and run “Ready To Go” sessions, exploring aspects of the transition such as friendships, bullying, homework and more. I am also involved with pastoral support at Cambourne Village College and supporting the running of community-based youth groups in Cambourne through Romsey Mill, and so there is opportunity to continue the journey with these young people as they enter Year 7 and often throughout their secondary school years.

Contact 07503171869 or


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