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Partnership with Parents and Carers

Developing a positive partnership with all our parents/carers is vital and supporting SEND is a collaborative process that involves the pupil, their parents and the school.  We believe that parents who take on a proactive, supportive role in their child’s learning make a real difference in improving their child’s achievement and behaviour.

Parents of pupils with SEND hold key information and expertise in relation to their own child and we value the on-going communication and consultation between home and school. During review meetings (for students with EHCPs) or reviews (for students without an EHCP), the parent/carer and the pupil (where appropriate) are fully consulted and involved in discussions and decisions about what type of support and resources the pupil will have.

In addition support will be offered to parents/carers so they know how they can further support their son/daughter’s learning needs at home and in the community. For pupils with an EHCP or a high level of need, the class teacher will regularly communicate with the parent to discuss their child’s progress.