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Pro-Social Behaviour and Rewards 2022-2023

Pro-Social Behaviour and Rewards

As you may be aware, each year group within the school takes part in a pro-social reward system. The class or year group help to decide on two pro-social reward recipients or activities and every time a child is seen to be doing something pro-social during the school day they are rewarded with a bead. The child chooses which pro-social reward jar will receive their bead and when a jar is full, that particular reward is earned.

Pro-sociality has been defined as a positive, voluntary, and altruistic behaviour - the delivery of help or a benefit to one or more people which has a major positive impact on personal and social quality of life. Pro-social activities might be demonstrated by pupils sharing toys and resources, helping their friends, assisting a member of staff, tidying up the classroom or teaching/supporting other children with their learning.


Helping one’s neighbour is a theme that is common across religions. As a value, it establishes norms and procedures for aiding others, being part of a religion entails a feeling of unity and responsibility for others, as well as a tendency to search for the common good. According to Jesus' teachings, one’s neighbour is a peer who is often weaker or needy. We should treat our neighbours as if they were oneself; therefore prosocial treatment is sought through unconditional love toward others: “Cry beside those who cry and rejoice when our brothers enjoy victory”


"Do All the Good You Can,
By All the Means You Can,
In All the Ways You Can,
In All the Places You Can,
At All the Times You Can,
To All the People You Can,
As long as Ever …
… You Can!"

John Wesley’s Rule for Christian Living


Pro-social behaviour fits perfectly with our school vision to encourage our pupils to show a love of one another and mankind itself. Our vision inspires the whole school community to engage in social action and to be courageous advocates for change in our local, national and global communities. We recognise that life is full of ups and downs and that at times all people will face challenges that they need help and support in overcoming. We aim to instil the values of service and compassion for others among our pupils. Our Christian values ensure that opportunities to discuss the big issues, to challenge injustice and to engage in activities that can bring about change are always present.


Our classes chose activities for their pro-social behaviour rewards for 2022-2023 as follows.

The purple text highlights those that have already been earned and completed.

Year Group


Reward 1

Reward 2

Reward 3

Reward 4

Reward 5 Reward 6

Little Gems (Pre-school)


Litter pickBuy a book for our partner school in Ghana 






Donate to a charitySend a picture to Darwin Manor    


Year 1



Donate to the WWF Send money to a local foodbank 




Send cards to residents of a retirement complex in CambourneLitter pick 




Year 2


Make a card for an adult in the schoolRaise money for the WWF 




Plant a tree in the Sensory GardenDonate books to our partner school in Kenya    

Year 3


Donate to Wood Green Animal ShelterAdopt an animal





Litter pickCake sale for Guided Dogs 




Year 4


Litter pickGive toys/books to children in hospital 




Read to a younger year group      

Year 5


Litter pick Charity bake sale    


Decorate stones to use in a treasure huntWrite poems for the residents of Darwin Manor    

Year 6


Adopt a Peregrine FalconLitter pick





Litter pickCharity bake sale for a refugee charity





Sports lesson for a younger year groupCharity bake sale




Pro-Social Achievements