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Smart Learning Day - Vine Vision Day

The aim of Vine Vision Day was for all of our pupils to develop a greater understanding of our Vision and Values.  Each year group took part in a range of lessons both inside and outside.


Success Criteria:

  • I can say our Vine Vision prayer and know that it is our school vision.
  • I can name our Vine Values and definitions.
  • I can describe what is ‘The Great Commission’ (Matthew 28) and know that this is the biblical rooting of our school vision.
  • I can be part of a prayer space activity and know the purpose of our classroom prayer space.



Today in addition to raising money for Children in Need it was also Vine Vision day, where we outlined the school prayer, vision and values to our children. We made handprint hearts to model our school prayer, fingerprint crosses to give to our family or a neighbour on our street to share the gospel of Jesus. We learned how to pray using our five fingers, talking about when and how we can use the prayer spaces in our room to talk to God. - FS1 Team

Whole School Smart Learning - Vine Vision Day