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We believe that worship is the beating heart of our school day. Collective worship is another time that we can live our vision and ensure that pupils know “this is our school”. All are welcome in worship and it is a time in the day that we can all be together to share, grow and explore our “love of God”. 


Pupils are actively involved in worship from planning to reviewing and by prayer leaders living by the example of John Weasley and writing prayers based on the needs of the day and confidently sharing these with the school. 


Worship at The Vine is varied and includes a range of elements seen in Anglican and Methodist worship. We also explore faith through celebration of talents and through highlighting  pupils who have been champions of change that week (our courageous advocates). 


Prayer and reflection on deep questions plays a key role in our worship. Each week our worship, thinking tree and deep question to parents is linked by one of our values (fruits of the spirit). 


Monday: Headteachers service (traditional liturgical) 


Tuesday: Worship through song (embracing Methodist and Anglican traditions relating to faith and music)    


Wednesday: minister led worship (focusing on exploration of the Eucharist and Methodist and Anglican distinctiveness) 


Thursday: lead learner, worship focuses on how pupils use the talents they have been blessed with 


Friday: courageous advocate worship, here pupils learn how a secular role model fits in with the biblical value of the week and what lessons we can draw from the bible and the secular world in order to “do all the good we can” 



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