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Vine Parking / Traffic

Modeshift STARS

The centre of excellence for the delivery of effective travel plans.

The scheme recognises schools which have shown excellence in showing supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable and active travel.


 To reduce the number of vehicles coming to the school site.


Increasing activity levels amongst pupils and staff to reduce the amount of carbon emissions/ pollution and also ensure a high level of safety for pupils due to inconsiderate parking.

Modeshift - Achieving Bronze 

At the Vine we have made a commitment to improve the way we travel to school. Our reasons for this are twofold: to make the outside of our school safer for families and staff and to try to do our bit for the environment by cutting our carbon emissions. 

After our initial surveys revealed that many of the pupils prefer coming to school without a car we held a ‘walk to school’ week and pupils were given the opportunity to learn road safety through PSHE lessons. We ran balanceability, scootability and bikeability sessions for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 5 and ‘Dr Bike’ paid us a visit in the summer holidays, where some of our less confident pupils learnt to ride their bike.

We have had visits from PCSOs to assess the parking outside school and MRs Richardson was invited to the travel summit held at the Council Offices to discuss the issues faced on Brace Dein and surrounding streets.

We have worked really hard and are proud of having achieved not just the Green award but the Bronze award at the end of the year. As we enter a new school year we are focussing on ‘going for silver’. We have started well with a good number of pupils – and staff – taking part in cycle to school week, and the option of cycling at weekends for those members of the school community who are unable to cycle to school.

We are committed to making the entrance at the back of school as safe as possible, especially now that Gladiator Road is open to 2-way traffic. 

Please continue to help support our commitment to ensuring our pupils arrive at school safely by parking considerately and only driving to school if you have no other option.

Road Safety Week 19 - 25 November 2023 

Cycle to School Week 25th - 29th September



Walk to School Week 15-19th May

Why not do your bit for climate change and walk (or wheel) to school each day?

If you have to drive, parking just a few minutes’ walk from school will greatly help congestion along Brace Dein and show respect for our neighbours.

More details on how you can take part coming soon.

Report Inconsiderate and Illegal parking

Vine Road Traffic Incidents

If you have concerns or have witnessed any issues with the traffic and parking near The Vine School, please let us know. These will be collated and presented at future meetings.

Recent Meetings held include:



County Council representative visits school at drop off time to view problems and talk about walking to school programmes.



Mr Faris raised concerns again with Road Safety Officer from the County Council



Mr Faris and Vine Volunteers met with district and county councillors and county staff about traffic issues at The Vine.

16 /09/22


Mr Faris meets with district and county councillors about traffic issues at the Vine.



Road safety meeting at pick up time outside school. Mr Faris, Mrs Cooper, Local councillors and Parent representative



Visit from South Cambridgeshire councillor to view traffic situation and drop off time.

29/11/22Communications with Local Authority introducing STARS system.
05/02/23School Travel survey
03/23Meeting with Road Safety Officer regarding local parking issues adjacent to school.
11/05/23Travel Summit at SCC invitation from Councillor Leeming.
19/05/23Walk to school week.
15/06/23PCSO visit at school drop off time.