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Our School Nurse helps us to live our Christian vision. We believe strongly that it is our job to enable all stakeholders to flourish in a range of ways so that they can leave us as good citizens and make the world a better place (as our Vision prayer and its biblical rooting of Mathew 28 highlights).

School Medical Procedures


If your child needs medicines in school, The Vine feels that this should not inhibit their education or delay them returning to school. The Vine School Medicine Policy has been updated and we are now permitted to administer medicines prescribed by a doctor but also the following medicines for certain conditions. Paracetamol. Antihistamine for an allergic reaction. Motion sickness medication (for school trips) and skin emollients. if a child requires medication in school an Administration Form must be completed, these are available from the school office or from the link below.


If your child is asthmatic please make sure that we are aware and that they have an inhaler in school.  To keep the inhaler in school parent/carers are required to fill in a school asthma card which will be reviewed annually. A copy is available from the school office. It is the parent/carers responsibility to be aware of the expiry date.Current advice is for children to use their inhaler as and when required.


If your child has an allergy then please make sure that we are aware.  If they have medication or an epipen then it is essential that this is UP-TO-DATE and that the school is fully aware of how, and in what cirumstances, the medication is to be administered.

Complex Medical Needs

For children with ongoing and/or complex medical needs the school may ask for advice from the child's specialist team in  order to draw up a plan agreeing how the medical needs of the individual can be managed in school

Period Poverty and Education 

In previous years, The Vine School has supported female pupils who may have difficulty accessing sanitary products: they may have forgotten their sanitary products, cannot afford the products or have started their period unexpectedly. 

In accordance with government guidelines, we believe having periods should never be a barrier to education for any learner. Our school will continue to have this support available for any female pupil this academic year. 

Please have a talk with your child when you feel it is necessary and let her know sanitary products and advice are available from her class TA. She should not feel embarrassed to ask for them. 

SRE lessons are available to our Y5/Y6 female pupils in the summer term to educate them further about the menstrual cycle. 

Sanitary products are available from any of the teachers and nurse's room.

 We hope this helps our female pupils at The Vine and if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school for assistance on this matter. 

Head Injury

We see lots of children who have bumped their heads at school and you will be notified if it required some 1st aid or assessment with a red letter. Please note the advice on the reverse and if you need any more information, great advice can be found on the NHS website.

Parental Agreement 

Consent is only needed from one PR holder, however we will usually try to obtain all PR consent. In the event that PR holders can not agree then the school will always act in the best interest of the child. A court order or full PR agreement will be needed to withdraw a pupil from non statutory interventions.