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Animals and Nature

Animals, Plants, Living things in their Natural Surroundings

How to press flowers | Natural History Museum

Learn how to master the art of flower pressing. Try out this simple craft to decorate special cards, create beautiful art or even begin a scientific collection of flowers.

Dog Genius | Awesome Animals

We share the planet with 400 million dogs: toy dogs, working dogs, champion dogs and artistic dogs; dogs who know what to do in an emergency; and dogs who know you as pets

Macaws and Other Pet Birds | Wild Pets at the Vet

Macaws, parrots, budgies, caiques, and parakeets pet care can be challenging! Nat Geo Wild celebrity vets Dr. K. and Dr. T offer practical advice and tips



British Wildlife

How to make a bird feeder | Natural History Museum

Bring nature to your doorstep by keeping wild birds fed with a homemade bird feeder. Follow our steps to build a seed feeder from a reused plastic bottle.

How to make fat balls for birds | Natural History Museum

Help your local wild birds to survive winter by putting out these nutritious fat balls. Making them is a fun activity to do your family.

How to make a butterfly feeder | Natural History Museum

Attract beautiful butterflies to your outdoor area with our easy-to-make fruit feeder. Put on a butterfly buffet and observe these intriguing insects.



Around the World

WILDwatch Live | 22 January, 2021 | Afternoon Safari | South Africa

WILDwatch || Join expert guides as they bring the wilderness to your living room from African Ngala Private Game Reserve and Phinda Game Reserve




How do dinosaur fossils form? | Natural History Museum

Watch our animation to find out how fossils form and why dinosaur fossils are rare compared to those of marine animals. Explore fossilisation in more detail.

Why are birds the only surviving dinosaurs? | Natural History Museum

The story of dinosaurs' disappearance is a famous one. Less familiar is the tale of the dinosaurs that were left behind.



Seas and Ocean

What is Coral? | Natural History Museum

You may be familiar with coral reefs, but while corals may look like plants or rocks, they're actually living animals.

Beluga Whales

Thousands of beluga whales gather in Canada's Cunningham Inlet each summer

How brainy is an octopus? | Natural History Museum

It's a well-known fact that octopuses have eight arms. But did you know that each arm contains its own 'mini brain'?