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Provision and Resources

The Vine School currently offers additional and or different provision for a range of needs including:

  • Communication & Interaction- This area refers to children with speech, language and communication difficulties and or understanding the rules of social communication and interaction such as Autism.
  • Cognition & Learning – This covers specific areas of difficulty such as Literacy difficulties or Maths difficulties. It also covers situations where a child’s development is delayed over several areas.
  • Social, Emotional & Mental Health difficulties- This area covers emotional issues, as well as specific issues such as ADHD.
  • Sensory & or Physical needs- This covers sensory impairment such as hearing or visual difficulties, as well as physical disabilities.




  • Gemma Coe is the SENCO who oversees whole school provision of support for pupils  with SEND.    
  • Helen Bransbury and Jo Stewart collects data, maintains the records, analyses the impact of interventions and supports the smooth running of SEND support.
  • Classteachers deliver ‘Quality First Teaching’ with high quality differentiated teaching methods to support individual progress.
  • Classroom based Teaching Assistants are provided with on-going appropriate professional development and training opportunities.    
  • Two qualified counsellors who provide on-site counselling for individual pupils
  • Excellent working relationships with a wide range of outside agencies from within and beyond our locality team



The Vine Inter-Church Primary School is a single storey building with good wheelchair access. The classrooms are well lit and have good acoustic conditions so that the environment is suitable for pupils with visual or hearing impairment. Small group and individual work take place for all age groups throughout the school day in all available spaces including classrooms, the learning centre, the hall, the DT room, the corridors and the outside area. In addition there are identified inclusion rooms:

  • The Rainbow Room
  • The Thinking Space
  • The Counselling Room
  • The Pod
  • The Learning Lodge


Programmes and Materials

In response to the needs of pupils we have built up a wealth of inclusion resources. Materials and programmes are purchased as appropriate, matched to recurring needs throughout the school. Specific individual resources are purchased whenever this is viable.