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Aspiration Enrichment

The Vine School’s ethos of ‘All Are Welcome Here’ and ‘Opening Hearts and Minds’ means that we always strive to meet our pupils’ learning needs in order that each individual has the opportunity to develop a positive, confident attitude to learning. We are committed to ensuring our pupils are stimulated intellectually and supported emotionally to aspire and achieve his/her full potential.



Our Aspiration Enrichment provision is in keeping with our school ethos and offers appropriate extended and enrichment opportunities to meet the academic and social needs of our pupils. These needs are recognised as part of our school inclusion strategy which acknowledges the importance of identifying a wide range of abilities and providing a suitable educational environment to nurture the child.


The Vine School has high expectations and believes in the importance of challenging, motivating and inspiring all pupils including our Highly Able, Gifted and Talented throughout their primary journey with us. Our purpose is to raise the aspirations of our pupils, regardless of their race, gender, socio-economic background to equip them with vital skills to make choices about further academic study and beyond.



Our School Prayer


This is our school.

Let peace dwell here,

Let the rooms be full of contentment,

Let love abide here,

Love of one another,

Love of mankind,

Love of life itself,

And love of God.

Let us remember

That, as many hands build a house,

So many hearts create a school.





Our Aspiration Enrichment provision shares the Vine School vision of our daily School Prayer and aims to strengthen pupils’ love of learning and instil a strong sense of self-awareness and peace coupled with emotional contentment by challenging young enquiring minds through Greater Depth interventions, academic visits, guest visits, specialist workshops inside/outside of school and support from the Academic Mentor.


Motivating experiences and role models spark curiosity and aspirations and enthuse pupils to want to know more. Broadening the horizons of our pupils and exposing them to inspirational people and stimulating opportunities will create well-rounded, worldly individuals capable of becoming socially and academically successful.


Our pupils represent a wide range of nationalities which allows for our children to share their diverse knowledge deeply and broadly with one another and to learn from other’s unique personal experiences, knowledge and understanding.


A love of developing cultural intelligence from one another by asking big questions about mankind and the world in a respectful and open minded manner is encouraged to reinforce intellectual development.  It is essential that children develop a cultural sensitivity which serves as excellent preparation for their place in the multi-cultural and global workplace of the future and modern life itself.


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