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Through our PSHCE teaching we aim to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need to lead happy, healthy and productive lives in modern Britain.  This includes the knowledge of how to manage risks and keep themselves safe.  We aim to nurture personal attributes such as resilience and self-esteem, as well as develop pupils' critical thinking skills and the ability to work as a team.  Underpinning all our teaching is our aim to develop pupils' respect for others and to challenge stereotypes through the use of diverse role models.



Our PSHCE teaching follows the Cambridgeshire Personal Development Programme which focuses on the following areas:


Myself and My Relationships


Healthy and Safer Lifestyles

Economic Awareness


Each year group covers six units a year, each time building on previous learning and with opportunities for pupils to reflect upon their personal progress.  The PSHCE curriculum is delivered using a range of teaching and learning styles, including drama, discussion, group tasks, artwork and circle time.  The scope of these units includes exploring the causes and types of bullying, strategies for coping with transition and change, understanding our emotions, body awareness and growing up, and road and water safety. E-safety is an integral part of some of these units as well as being covered through the ICT curriculum.


PSHCE is not only taught in regular discrete lessons, but also enriched and applied in many aspects of school life.  These include opportunities for 'Show and Tell', weekly awards for Courageous Advocates, Anti-Bullying Focus days, and trained peer mediators and play leaders.


Links to our School Vision

Pupils learn about what it means to belong to a community - This is our school/Many hands build a house

Pupils learn strategies for developing and sustaining positive relationships - Let peace dwell here / Let love abide here

Pupils are encouraged to develop self-esteem, explore their emotions and learn strategies for dealing with change - Let the rooms be full of contentment

Pupils are taught the importance of respect, tolerance and to value diversity - Love of one another, Love of mankind

There is a focus on developing pupils' self-esteem, both through explicit teaching and through opportunities to celebrate talents and achievement - Love of life itself


Links to Christian and British Values

The British Values, and the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) form an integral part of the PSHCE curriculum.  Mutual respect, tolerance and an appreciation of diversity underpin our approach  to teaching as we create a learning environment where we listen to the views of others.  Pupils are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make independent and informed choices.  The Rule of Law is explored in terms of rights, responsibilities and understanding how rules benefit us all.





Anti- Bullying Week 2019


Everyone at the Vine has pledged to help tackle bullying, staff and pupils alike.

FS2 made their pledges into colourful paper chains, Year 4 pledged themselves as 'Bully Busters' and wrote thoughtful prayers too.  Key Stage 2 were treated to the Anti-Bullying show which this year was based on the story of The Hobbit.

Pupils are invited to exercise their democratic rights by voting in our 'Can we tackle bullying?' poll, as well as being asked to reflect on what makes them feel safe and happy in school.  

Keep up the fantastic efforts everyone.  Change starts with us! 

Anti-Bullying Week 2019 Change Starts with Us!

Anti-Bullying Show 2018 based on the story of Cinderella