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Physical Education at The Vine

Here at The Vine we believe that all children will have a range of opportunities to develop their competence, knowledge skills and understanding through various activity. We encourage at least 2 hours a week of physical education, incorporating one indoor and one outdoor session. As well as this structured curriculum time we also encourage regular activity breaks in the children’s learning and offer access to active Golden Time clubs, extra-curricular clubs and physical challenges at lunchtimes. We encourage and promote participation and competition for all whether that will be against class mates or other schools in a range of sports throughout the sporting calendar. We will also use play leaders and sports leaders across the school to coach, support and officiate a variety of activities. Across all of our PE opportunities we encourage sportsmanship through identifying and praising particular behaviours and highlighting these as positive examples to one another.

Safe practice is fundamental to development of skills and access to well maintained and appropriate resources and equipment used within a safe environment will further develop progress within this subject. Safe practice also includes wearing appropriate clothing and being prepared to participate in physical activity, eliminating the risk to yourself and others. We work in partnership with the County council following their developed scheme of work and the local schools partnership (SCSSP) where we regular attend meetings and have access to a range of opportunities to evolve the PE curriculum and develop staff and pupils within this subject. Finally we celebrate PE by regularly recognising sporting talent and achievements across a wide range of sports in assemblies, newsletters and on the website.