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Welcome to Little Gems


Dear Parents

Welcome to our preschool (Little Gems class) website. We regularly update this area with new information so please do keep checking periodically.  We love to be the first people to welcome you and your child to The Vine family.  We have produced a welcome video which can be found in the Video Resource Centre. 


Preschool Team

Mrs Bransbury - Preschool manager

Mr Harvey - Preschool teacher Monday

Miss Hawksworth - Preschool teacher Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Mrs Richardson - Preschool teacher Friday


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Docwra, Mrs Upchurch, Mrs Abu




Preschool team :)

Outdoor Learning

An important part of our curriculum is our outdoor learning. As the seasons change and the temperature becomes warmer it is important that pupils have a hat and sun cream applied before school. Pupil's are allowed to bring in their own sun cream however, they must apply this themselves. Please ensure all are clearly named. 

Preschool Remote Learning Offer SPRING 1 (for children isolating after a positive Covid-19 PCR Test)

Preschool Home Learning Tasks

Home Learning tasks will be linked to our learning that has been undertaken during the week, these will be in the form of challenge ideas and will be set on Tapestry in our weekly Little Gems Lowdown memo posted at the end of each week. Children learn best through play so all of our learning tasks will have ideas of how you can support your child's learning whilst they are playing at home. If you have any concerns or questions regarding supporting your child's learning at home then please do speak to a member of the preschool team.