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What is Impressionism? | Tate Kids

Find out about the artists behind the bright colours and bold brushstrokes of impressionism, from Claude Monet to Berthe Morisot.

What is Surrealism? | Tate Kids

From Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, to Dorothea Tanning. Watch this short introduction for kids and find out about the surrealist artists!

What is Conceptual Art? | Tate Kids

Is the idea more important than the artwork? Find out what children think about Conceptual Art.

What is Pop Art? | Tate Kids

What is Pop Art? Watch this short introduction for kids to find out!





What Does Georgia O'Keeffe's Art Look Like? | Tate Kids

Street lights, mountains and flowers, we explore Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings.

What do Henri Matisse's Collages Mean? | Tate Kids

We explore the world of the artist Henri Matisse and his cut-outs!

Who was Robert Rauschenberg? | Tate Kids

Unique, messy and random. That's how kids describe Robert Rauschenberg's art.






Use Your Body to Make Art | Tate Kids

Stretch out, warm up and join artist Harold shows you how to create shapes with your body to make art.

How to Make a Robot From a Cardboard Box | Tate Kids

Grab some bits and bobs from around the house and create an art-inspired robot.

How to Paint with Chocolate | Tate Kids

YUM! Make some chocolate art inspired by American artist Jackson Pollock.

Drawing People with Tate Kids

Create paper figures of people who you love, with artist and illustrator Joey Yu.

Collage with Tate Kids

Play with shapes and experiment with colourful collage, then make a collage portrait. The session is hosted by Kirstie.

Royal Academy of Arts- Plastic Bag Weaving

Follow these simple instructions to make a mini loom, and have a go at weaving with recycled plastic bags.

How to draw a T. rex | Natural History Museum

Learn to draw a cartoon T. rex by following our simple instructions.