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Week Commencing: Monday 11th May

Welcome Back Year 6!

...and Happy SATs week!

We hope you all enjoyed the extra long weekend and had fun celebrating VE day. Please do remember to send in the photos of your celebrations on Friday if you took part. We are looking forward to receiving your 2 emails this week before 11am on Friday. Also, if you haven't already sent in your swimming survey, you need to do that today (otherwise we will start chasing you up). Have a great week and enjoy your learning!

Here is your weekly update from The Year 6 Team!

SATs Week!

As you know, if we were in school this week, you would be completing your SATs tests. We know that you would have done amazingly. Unfortunately, we are not in school so you cannot complete the SATs papers that you would usually do. However, the government have produced KS2 Lockdown SATs for you to complete this week. This is just 1 SATs paper which you must complete at home for the 2020 National Curriculum Tests. Please note, you are not expected to print the test paper - you can write your details and answers down in your remote learning book and send a photo of your test to us. You can do this test paper at any time before 3pm on Thursday (in addition to your usual learning). We recommend that you complete it as soon as you can to get it out of the way.

There are some set rules that you need to follow so please read the following rules carefully:

You MUST find a quiet place to complete your test where you will not be disturbed.

You MUST complete the test independently with no help.

You MUST fill out the front page before reading on.

You MUST read all of the instructions on page 2 carefully before you start the test and move on to page 3.  

You MUST time yourself - see instructions on page 2.

You MUST complete the test and email your answers to us before 3pm on Thursday 14th May.

Good luck Year 6! Here is your KS2 Lockdown SATs paper...

Weekly Foundation Subjects Overview:

Here are your tasks for the foundation subjects this week...

Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning, Year 6! Well done for another week of great learning - I know we keep saying it, but we are really proud of your positive attitudes towards your learning and all the effort you have put in. Only one more week of remote school after today, and then you get another well-deserved break at half-term! If you haven't sent us a second check-in this week, or shown us some of your learning, please do so today. Why not have a go at the competition at the same time? Have fun!

COMPETITION TIME: This week's competition is a delicious one... the chocolate competition! How well do you know your chocolate? Look at the images of chocolate bars below. Can you name all 16 chocolate bars just by looking at the pictures? The first 10 children to email The Year 6 Team with all 16 correct answers will be announced as today's winners! (Entries must be emailed by 1pm today.)

WINNERS! Well done to everyone who entered the competition this week, it was a tricky one! We only have 4 children who got all 16 chocolate bars correct. Congratulations to Abbie E, Naomi, Ellie and Tomas S!!

Here are the correct answers...

Here is your English and Maths learning for today:




Thursday 14th May 2020

The sun is shining and it's Thursday - woo hoo! If you haven't yet emailed us with your first check-in this week, please can you do so this morning before we have to chase you up. Remember - your check-in can be as simple as a brief hello, you can tell us what you have been up to, send us some of your amazing learning or keep us entertained with a joke or two! You know how much we like to have a laugh! We just want to check you are safe and well. Have fun with your learning today!


Here are your English and Maths tasks for today:


Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning, everyone! We hope you are all enjoying the learning this week. It sounds like many of you have had a successful start to the week, by winning a million pounds on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? science edition! There has been a lot of praise for Oriana's Spanish lesson (did you spot her voice on there?) and we have seen some great creativity with Dia de los Muertos masks, Papel Picado and some people have even baked Pan de Muerto! And we were blown away by Aydin's rap yesterday - perhaps we need a rap battle! Who reckons they could take him on? Let's see some more videos of your 'Hey, My Name is Joe' raps! We'll be impressed if you can throw in some beat-boxing too! Have a lovely day, Year 6!


Here is your English and Maths learning for today:


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hooray, it's Tuesday! Hopefully, you are all still keen and eager this week after we snuck that SATs paper in! Thank you to everybody who entertained us by email yesterday - it's always lovely to hear how you are doing and see the incredible learning that you are producing. However, we haven't heard much about your VE celebrations yet - has anybody got any memories or photos they can share with us from Friday? We would love to see them! Have a fun-filled Tuesday, everybody!


Here is your English and Maths learning for today:


Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning Year 6! There is lots of information on the website this morning so make sure that you read it all very carefully!

We hope you are ready for your learning this week! Here are your English and Maths tasks for today...