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Week Commencing: Monday 6th July

Welcome Back!

Hello again Year 6! How are you this week? We loved seeing all of your smiling faces at our transition sessions last week and hope that you enjoyed them just as much as we did. We can't wait to see you again this week.

Please remember to practise the Y6 song this week! Listening to you last week showed that not many of you had been practising at home. This week is recording week, so get practising!

Enjoy your learning this week! Here is your weekly update...

Foundation Subjects Overview:

Here are your weekly foundation subject tasks...

Year 6 Leavers' Song!

Remember, you need to practise every day. We are recording this week!

(Read the instructions on the foundation subjects overview to find out how we will record this week.)

Y6 Once I Started The Vine, Miss F & Mr M.mp3

Once I Started The Vine backing track.mp3

Friday 10th July 2020

It's Friday! We made it! Well done everyone for trying your best this week and completing your learning tasks. We are aware that some of you don't seem to be accessing the foundation subjects tasks - please do make sure you complete these! There are some fun tasks on there, including your special project, and it is part of your learning. Miss Foster's bubbles, are you ready for your session today? We hope you bring your best singing voices with you!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


COMPETITION TIME!!! This week's competition is the... Join The Dots Competition! It's quite simple, you just need to join all the dots in the picture below using 4 straight lines (and only 4 straight lines) without lifting your pen/pencil off the page (the lines need to be connected)! Give it a go and see if you can work it out. The first 5 people to email in the correct answers will be crowned our winners this week! (Clue, think outside the box!)


WINNERS!!! Well done, most of you that entered the competition managed to figure it out! If you're still not sure of how to join the dots, look at the picture below. Our top 5 winners are... Ilani, Mila, Abbie E, Elliot and Tomas! Congratulations.

Here are your English and Maths tasks for today...




Thursday 9th July 2020

Good morning again Year 6. We hope you are well. Mrs Thompson's bubbles...have you warmed up your voices ready to record the song today? Have a great transition session! How are you getting on with your learning this week? We hope you are enjoying the tasks. Keep sending in your portrait drawings (remember, these are for a special project so try to make them the best portrait of yourself that you have ever done!). You seem to be enjoying the Twelfh Night learning in English and learning lots about your diet in Science. Keep up the fantastic work everyone, you are doing so well!

Here are your English and Maths tasks...


Wednesday 8th July 2020

Happy Wednesday! It's another wet day today. Fun fact: Did you know that large rain drops can fall to earth at a speed of 20mph? Thank you to everyone who has sent in their English news report videos so far, we have loved watching them! Just a quick reminder that you if you are at home, you need to send your audio recordings of the Y6 song to us by the end of this week. Everyone also needs to send in their self-portraits (PSHCE task) by the end of this week as they are being used in another special project.

Have a lovely day. Here are your English and Maths tasks...


Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good morning Year 6! How are you today? Mr Richardson's bubbles - are you excited for your second transition session today?

Please remember to return any books that you have at home which belong to Miss Foster or Mrs Thompson - we are still missing quite a few. Check your school bags, book shelves etc. to see if you can find them and bring them along to your transition session this week (or get in contact with us if you are not attending). (Remember, Miss F's books have star stickers on the front and Mrs T's books have bright orange stickers on, both are labelled inside the front cover).  Mrs T has made a list of the books she is still missing so if you spot any of these at home, please bring them in: The 1000 Year-Old Boy (Ross Welford), The Children of Castle Rock (Natasha Farrant), The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow (Katherine Woodfine), Born to Run (Michael Morpurgo), Hacker (Malorie Blackman), The Person Controller (David Baddiel), The Explorer (Katherine Rundell), The Midnight Hour (Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder), The Star-spun Web (Sinead O'Hart), Kid Normal (Greg James and Chris Smith).

Have a great day! Here is your English and Maths learning...


Monday 6th July 2020

Happy Monday Year 6! Are you ready and raring to go? We hope you are! We have lots of lovely learning activities for you to complete this week. Don't forget to practise the song today! The lyrics and tracks are above so there's no excuse not to practise. Remember, Mr Richardson's bubble - you will be recording tomorrow.

Here are your English and Maths tasks for today...