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Reading and Mathematics Enrichment KS1/KS2

Greater Depth Mathematics and Guided Reading Enrichment KS1/KS2


KS1 and KS2 pupils are offered weekly sessions to participate in greater depth mathematics and guided reading groups with a broader and higher degree of extension and opportunity to use high order thinking independently, question what is presented deeply and to explain articulately. Attainment is monitored to ensure that they are reaching their highest potential.  


The aim is to develop deep curiosity, independent thinking, strength of mind, ability to self-evaluate and to reflect. Such depth and breadth of learning is good for intellectual development. There are opportunities for pupils to collaborate and develop their team working skills which are essential for successful employment and happy personal lives.


Greater depth group learning enables children to potentially achieve at a higher level of ability beyond the rest of their peer group when participating in our reading and/or mathematics enrichment programme.


Our mathematics and reading enrichment programme is designed to:

  • reinforce academic skills at a greater level of depth and breadth in order to achieve subject mastery
  • increase the capacity for high levels of interest, enthusiasm in study
  • strengthen the ability for perseverance, endurance, determination, dedicated practice
  • encourage the setting of high standards for one's work
  • develop openness towards self and external criticism
  • encourage receptiveness to new and different experiences when learning independently and collaboratively
  • prepare him/her to become a resilient life-long learner
  • teach independent learning with balanced risk (accepting that mistakes are beneficial to the learning process) - increase willingness to take risks in thinking and actions
  • develop application of skills and knowledge consistently, confidently and fluently
  • teach ability to clearly explain and to write concisely what they understand in multiple ways
  • prove verbally or in a written journal why and how in order to demonstrate mastery
  • solve one problem multiple ways and not solving four problems
  • have excellent comprehension and decoding of every aspect of a text versus being able to read/decode a more challenging one with basic understanding
  • teach others and explaining articulately what they have learned and know to enable them to reinforce self-knowledge


At The Vine, we focus on enrichment and extension as the two main strategies for meeting the needs of gifted and talented pupils but we could also use acceleration in exceptional cases. 


Enrichment consists of broadening a pupil’s education. This can consist of enabling a pupil to study aspects of topic that there would not normally be time to study, or it can consist of adding extra subjects to the curriculum.


Extension occurs when pupils are encouraged to develop more sophisticated thinking and reasoning skills.


Accelerated consists of enabling pupils to access work which would typically be for older pupils. This can occur through occasionally sharing the classroom with pupils in a higher year group or through being given work which would usually be given to older pupils.


Year 2 'Read it, watch it' Summer Term Film - Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Year 4 'Read it, watch it' Summer Term Film - Charlotte's Web by EB White

Year 6 'Read it, watch it' Summer Term Film - Wonder by RJ Palacio

Ryka writes to and receives a reply from Louis Sachar - American author of 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom'