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The Languages curriculum at The Vine is designed to develop communicative skills and encourage intercultural knowledge and understanding.  We seek to open children’s minds to different cultures whereby they feel “Citizens of the World”. Furthermore, we want to nurture a lifelong passion and curiosity for languages and to consolidate the skills for future language learning. Celebration of languages does not end in the classroom; it is through the lifeblood of the school.



Languages at The Vine provide:

  • Opportunities to listen attentively to spoken language and show understanding by joining in and responding.
  • Opportunities to explore the patterns and sounds of language through songs and rhymes and link the spelling, sound and meaning of words.
  • Opportunities to engage in conversations; ask and answer questions; express opinions and respond to those of others; seek clarification and help.
  • Pupils will speak in sentences, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures.
  • Opportunities to develop accurate pronunciation and intonation so that others understand when they are reading aloud or using familiar words and phrases.
  • Opportunities to present ideas and information orally to a range of audiences.
  • Pupils will read carefully and show understanding of words, phrases and simple writing.
  • Opportunities to appreciate stories, songs, poems and rhymes in the language.
  • Opportunities to broaden their vocabulary and develop their ability to understand new words that are introduced into familiar written material, including through using a dictionary.
  • Opportunities to understand basic grammar appropriate to the language being studied, including (where relevant): feminine, masculine and neuter forms and the conjugation of high frequency verbs; key features and patterns of the language; how to apply these, for instance, to build sentences; and how these differ from or are similar to English.


At The Vine you will see celebration of all languages and cultures: on displays, maps of the world, books in different languages and story sacks in different languages. We reach out to our local and wider community by asking parents to share their cultures and we have international links with Africa, Japan and Spain. The Vine holds a yearly international cookout for parents to share their culture, we have visits out to cultural centres and through our daily worship we learn songs in a range of different languages.


How do Languages link to our school vision?

Let peace dwell here – structured learning opportunities with an opportunity to reflect.

Let love abide – supportive relationships, sharing best practice with less confident Spanish speakers teaching the subject.

Love of Mankind – connecting locally and globally with the wider community, learning about different cultures.

Love of life itself – learning about other cultures to promote a curiosity and awareness of life outside their own cultures.

Hearts create a school – inviting our parents in to share cultural experiences to develop a better understanding.


Links to Christian and British Values:

Mutual respect and tolerance: pupils develop an understanding and respect for other cultures and they develop an understanding of the similarities and differences among themselves when making those comparisons.

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