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Week commencing Monday 20th April

Friday 24th April

Goodness this week seems to have flown by! Thank you very much for all of the effort that has gone into your remote learning this week from both pupils and parents. We have really enjoyed sharing your remote learning, photos and videos.


For English today there is a phonics lesson for you to join in with. Please click on the link below. We will also be emailing you your guided reading book which we'd like you to read on the Oxford Owls website along with some words and questions linked to your book which we'd like you to discuss. There is a photo and question from Everywhere Bear below. Please can you email us your answers! This is ready for some remote learning on Monday! 


In Maths it is quiz day!  Answer the questions using your previous learning then check how you did using the answer sheet.  This is an important way to reinforce our learning.  Good luck! 


We thought it would be nice to end this week of remote learning with a story about a lazy leopard and a Baboon! Please click on the link to the video resource centre below and enjoy the story!


Have a lovely weekend everyone smiley

Everywhere Bear has been on safari and met this animal. What animal is it? What questions could you ask to find out some more information about it?

Thursday 23rd April

For English today we would like you to practise writing your capital letters. There is a video for you to watch and a link to the handwriting website if you want to watch the animated clips for each letter. You have a handwriting sheet in your Remote Learning pack which you can use or if you'd rather use your Remote Learning book then that's fine. Below is a PowerPoint with all of the Year 1 tricky words on. How many can you read? Can you time yourself to see how quickly you can read them? You also have these words in your Remote Learning books and the ones you especially need to practise have been highlighted. You can also practise spelling these words or writing a sentence using them. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops. 


For Maths today we are solving missing number problems.  Watch the video before  you start and don't forget to check your answers.


Happy St George's Day!  

Maths - solving missing number problems

Here are the answers to your questions which you've written today! Watch the video called 'Here are the answers'. 

Look how Khalil's bean plant has grown! What does your plant look like now?

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning everyone and we hope that you are all ready for today's remote learningsmiley.


For English today we are focusing on using question marks correctly. There are 2 videos to watch as the batteries ran out in the camera half way through filming- oooops!!! Please watch the videos first then there is a link to the activity below. If you can, please send a photo of the completed learning. We will then put together a video of all of the questions asked and, of course, the answers (this will all make sense once you read through the activity!) 


In Maths today we are carrying on learning about fact families, this time using a greater group of objects - within 20.  Please watch the video and read the task sheet. 


Have a great day learning!

Asking questions and using question marks

Tuesday 21st April

For your English today we would like you to watch the 'a-e words' video. Then find your 'a-e' grid in your phonics pack and practise reading and adding the sound buttons to each of the words. If you can't find your grid then we've attached one below. 

If you wanted some extra phonics practise then have a go at the RWI phonics lesson for today. There is a link to the website below. There are also some English challenges below which you can try for fun if you wanted to. 


For Maths today we are reminding ourselves how to write a fact family to match a group of objects or a picture. Today we are writing fact families within 10 and tomorrow we will be using numbers within 20.  Watch the video in our resource centre and read the task sheet to find out more.  

'a-e' words

Monday 20th April


Good morning Amber and Topaz classes. We hope that you've had a lovely Easter break and that you're looking forward to coming back to remote school. We've had a lovely break but have really missed hearing about what you've been doing. 


Today for your English we would like you to watch the video in the link below and have a look at the PowerPoint about Everywhere Bear's Easter Break. Can you write about some of the things which you have been doing? They may be very similar to what Everywhere Bear has been doing. Remember to use capital letters and full stops correctly and read through what you have written to check it makes sense. 


In Maths this week we are going to revisit our learning about number pairs, fact families and missing number problems.    At the end of the week on Friday there will be a quiz to recap and check all our learning.  Today we would like you to practise and extend your knowledge of number pairs.  Watch the video by following the link and read the task sheet.  

Don't forget that to improve your Maths skills you also need to be doing the warm up activity every day and logging into to Numbots.   Have fun!

Everywhere Bear's Easter Holiday