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Week commencing Monday 18th May


Remember to read every day and it's great to share reading with other family members.

Think about different types of reading material, for example; books, magazines, food packets, instructions for games, websites, to name a few.

Below are some links to online books to read and listen to.

If you are a member of the Cambridgeshire library service you can borrow ebooks, magazines and audiobooks online. Go to the website to log in and get more information. Don't worry if you are not a member you can also join by following the link.

Are You a Reading Star?

Each week we will set a reading challenge for you to complete.

Don't forget to email telling us how you get on, perhaps even send us a photo.

This week's challenge:

Read while wearing something silly.

Poem of the Day

The poem of the day is for reading together and enjoying.

This week all the poems are about books and reading. 

Taken from the website: ‘Book Kids Blog’


Virtual Strawberry Fair Art & Writing Competition 2020



Don't forget to learn your Galaxy of Spelling, Common Exception Words and ask someone to test you.

The activity mats below will help you to practise some of them too.

We also learn a spelling rule every week which is on the powerpoint below and there is a word search to help learn it.


Friday Focus: Can I use what I know to solve problems?

Thursday Basic Skills - Place Value

Roll a dice 3 times and record each number that you roll.  Using those three numbers, what three digit numbers can you make?  What two-digit numbers can you make?  Can your order your numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest?

Thursday Focus: Can I use what I know to solve problems?

Wednesday Basic Skills

Choose different starting numbers and count up and down the stairs in 2s, then 3s, then 5s and lastly 10s.

Wednesday Focus: Can I use what I know to solve problems?

Tuesday Basic Skills

Times tables aerobics - don't forget the videos on the website to help you.

Tuesday Focus: Can I use what I know to solve problems?

Monday Basic Skills

Number pairs matching.  Make number cards with the numbers 0 to 20 written on them.  Mix them up and then spread them out upside down.  Turn over 2 cards, if they make 20 keep them, if not, turn them back over.

Can you make a similar game for pairs to 100?

Monday Focus: Can I use what I know to solve problems?

Foundation Subjects

PSHE - continue with Wellbeing Unit

PE: continue with your remote Sports Day, or try this..