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Week commencing Monday 20th April

Hello Ruby and Coral and welcome back to remote learning. We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and are ready for week 1 of the summer term! We will continue to upload activities daily onto this page and are already looking forward to seeing your learning on Tapestry. 
Foundation subjects grid

Friday 24th April - Maths 

Focus: Can you order numbers by size?

Play the coconut ordering game with numbers 1-10. There are only a few numbers so you need to work out which is the smallest number and order them. Extend by using numbers to 20. 

Friday 24th April - English


Focus: Can you read the red words?

Play the dinosaur game to see if you can find the red word dinosaur egg that has been said.

 Grown ups: The reception words are the first group of words on the left hand side.


Challenge: Can you write the words?

Thursday 23rd April - Maths 

Focus: Can you solve mathematical problems?

(See file and video below)

Thursday 23rd April - English

Focus: Can form the letters n and m?

 Follow the link

to see how to form the letters n  and m.

Make sure that you are holding your pencil correctly.

Write each letter 5 times.

Then write the words:-

Man, not, much, munch, night.


Challenge:- Can you write your own words with these letters in?

Wednesday 22nd April - Maths 

Focus: Can you find different ways to make numbers? (see file below)

Wednesday 22nd April - English


Focus: Can you write your own postcard?

Yesterday, we wrote a postcard as the boy. Today, we’re going to write our own postcard for somebody we would like to send it to. Watch the video of Mrs Grimshaw to see how to write your very own postcard.


Challenge:- Can you write the address?


Grown ups: Please encourage your child/children to write their words independently, using their phonics to help embed their learning.

Tuesday 21st April - Maths

Focus: Can you subitise?

Print the bingo mat if you are able to print at home, if not you can make your own with pen and paper. There are 2 to create a 2 player game.

Play the game with a sibling or parent. Take it in turns to roll a dice and cross off the number on your bingo mat that you roll. You can see for some numbers you have to roll a specific number a few times. The first to cross their numbers is the winner. Use your subitising skills from yesterday by saying the number that you roll without counting the dots.

Extension: To make it harder, use number cards with dots to 20 rather than a dice. Turn the cards face down and take it in turns to turn them over. Cross off the number as you find it. Extension resources are attached.


Tuesday 21st April- English

Focus: Can you write a postcard?

Sometimes when people go travelling, they might send a postcard.  In the story ‘Lost and Found’, the boy and the penguin travelled to the South Pole. What do you think it is like in the South Pole?

Today, we’re going to pretend to be the boy and we’re going to write a postcard to his parents telling them about the South Pole.

Watch the video of Mrs Grimshaw to see how to write your postcard.


Challenge: - Write a description of the South Pole.

Monday 20th April - Maths 

Focus: Can you subitise?(say how many there are without counting)

Open the document below and say how many of each object you see in each box without counting them. Which ones did you find easy? Which ones were hard? Can you say why? Arrange some of your own objects e.g. toys, fruit, pencils and say how many there are without counting them. Can your grown up put them out for you and you say how many you see? 
Explain how you know. 



Monday 20th April - English

Focus: Can you answer questions about a story?

Our story this week is ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers, published by Harper Collins.

Watch the story and listen carefully to what is happening.

Can you answer the following questions: -  

Where did the boy and the penguin go?

How did they get there?

What happened to the penguin?

Challenge:- How would you help the penguin?