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Remote Learning w/c 14 December

Friday 18 December

We would all like to say a great big well done for all your learning this week, we are all proud of you!

As this is our last day we would like you all to have a look at the Year 2 Nativity as in 2 years time you will all be performing.

We all hope you have a wonderful Christmas and can't wait to see you all next year.


Focus- Can you draw your favourite part of the Stick man story?


I hope you have enjoyed the Stick man story. Can you draw your favourite part of the Story we have read this week. If you are able to write a sentence about it.



Focus: Can you identify numbers to 20?

Search around your houses to see where you can find numbers. It may be on a clock, on the oven, on your front door, ina  book etc. Can you find all of the numbers to 20?


Focus - Can you sing songs?

I have created a youtube link to some of the songs we were practising for our performance. Can you put on a show for your parents?

Thursday 17th December 


Focus: Can you solve subtraction number problems?

Watch Mrs Westwood's videos of subtraction. Can you find some toys in your house and have a go at taking away. Remember, when we are subtracting our numbers are getting smaller! See if you can give your grown ups some subtraction number problems. 


Focus - Can you find objects which begin with the sounds?

 Watch the video Miss Gray has put up today. Have a go at completing the scavenger hunt and if you are able to, can you make a video and send it to a friend so they can do  yours? 




Focus- Can you share your families traditions at this time of year?


Watch the video of Miss Gray, sharing her tradition she has during the holidays. Can you make a video sharing your traditions? It could special meals, decorations, festivals or stories.

Wednesday 16th December 

Focus: Can you solve practical addition problems? 


Watch Mrs Westwood's video of addition. Have a go at using resources in your house to make some addition problems. Can you solve them? Can you give an addition problem to someone in your house to solve? Can they give one to you? See if you can count on to find the answer.


Focus - Can you say the sounds?


Today can you beat Miss Gray? Watch the videos posted today and see if you can be as quick as Miss Gray in sounding out the letters.

If you are able to have a go at letter formation, please. It is important that every letter starts in the right place and ends correctly. This is due to the progression of the handwriting throughout the school.

Understanding the World

Focus: Can you compare your families celebrations to those of others?


Watch the video of Christmas from around the world. Talk about your own traditions with your family, do you have a special story on Christmas Eve? What food do you eat? Is this the same or different to those on the video?


Challenge: Using a tablet or computer, can you research how other people celebrate Christmas from around the world and say how this is similar or different to you and your family?

Tuesday 15th December 

Focus: Can you find all of the number pairs to 10?

Watch today's video of Mrs Westwood finding number pairs to 10. Can you search your house to find some resources to use to make number pairs to 10? Explore how you could record these, either writing the numbers, drawing lines to represent the amounts etc.


Challenge: Can you find the different number pairs for other numbers? For example to make 4 we could have 3 and 1 or 2 and 2. How could you record this? 


Focus -  Can you edit a sentence?

Please watch the video of Miss Gray showing the children a sentence she has written. They should be able to say that it is missing finger spaces, capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end. If you repeat the sentence a few times so the children can have a go at writing the sentence by sounding out the words. If they find this tricky then have a look back at the video and copy out the sentence.

Please share your sentences on Tapestry.

Challenge – Have a go at writing another sentence by sounding out the words yourself and asking for help with the red words.

Art and Creativity


Focus - Can you follow instructions and create a decoration?


Miss Gray has filmed a sequence of videos (4) which show the making of a salt dough decoration. Can you follow the videos and have a go at making the dough? At school the children would have been shown how to make the salt dough and then had a go independently of making it themselves. (obviously keeping a close eye on this). It would be great if they could make it and create their own video of themselves doing it!

If you do not have the ingredients please ask your child to draw, paint or create a picture and show it on Tapestry.

Ingredients – 1 cup of plain flour

                         ½ cup of salt

                         Water – small amounts to make a dough

Oven – 150 for about 30 minutes depending on the thickness of the dough. I kept checking to see if it was going hard. (adults only)

Monday 14th December 


Focus: Can you subitise numbers to 10 and beyond? 


Watch the video of Mrs Westwood subitising numbers. This means saying how many there are without needing to count. Can your grown up lay out some objects on the floor and you say how many there are? Lay them out in some common and unusual patterns for you to subitise. 


Challenge: Can you write the numbers to represent the amounts?


Focus: Can you write a sentence?


Please watch the video of Miss Gray reading the story 'Stick man'.

Using the printed sheet, if you don't have a printer you can use a piece of paper, can your adult write down the sentence you want to write about the Stick man? Then using scissors, cut up the sentence, just like you would do at school. Your adult then should mix up the words so you can find the right sequence of the sentence again. Don't forget the capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. Adults, once this has been stuck down again can you please ask the child to copy the sentence focusing on correct letter formation and finger spaces.

Please upload your learning to Tapestry.


Challenge - Can you write another sentence?


Focus: Can you recognise ways of making yourself feel better?


Watch the story Worried Arthur – The Noisy Night (search on YouTube of the link doesn't work). Each time Arthur feels scared, stop the story and explain what Arthur does to stop himself from feeling scared. Imagine how Arthur must feel after he has spoken to his Dad. At the end of the story where Arthur sees the ‘abominable snowman’, describe what Arthur does to help him feel less worried. Discuss what this means and how this helps him to feel much better. Can you talk about a time when you have shared your worries or concerns with a special person and how this has helped you to feel less worried about something? Can you draw a picture of your special person or upload a video of you explaining your worried time and special person onto Tapestry.