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Week beginning 15th June

Friday 19th June

Happy Friday everyone. We are so proud of the amazing remote learning which we have been sent this week, you are all doing a fabulous job thank you! 


Today we will email you the book we would like you to read today and the comprehension activity which goes with it. The questions can just be discussed if you wanted as the focus is showing you understand the story. 

Also today we would like you to practise your tricky words which you have in your remote learning packs at home. Let us know how many you get right.


Today for maths there is a quiz for you to complete. This focuses on the skills we have already covered in school. Good luck everyone. 



Thursday 18th June

Good morning everyone. We hope that you are all well. Today there is a little treat for you on the Video Resource Centre. Mrs Bennett went to school yesterday afternoon to visit Ms Manning and Mrs Teirlinck for a meeting and they have made you a special video. 

Today for your English there is a phonics revision video to watch then we would like you to practise the Green Word and Alien cards which you have in your phonics packs at home. If you wanted there are some extra practise sheets below. 


For maths we are continuing to practise recognising and naming 3D shapes. 

Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Year 1! We hope that you are all having a happy day smiley


For English today we would like you to think of some exciting words to describe the squiraffebphant which has been discovered in Africa. There is a sheet for you to complete below or you can write the sentences from the sheet into your remote learning book.


For maths today we are looking at recognising and naming 3D shapes. Happy shape hunting! 


We have loved seeing the bug hotels which you are all building this week and what great bug hunters you all are! Keep sending us your photos. Have a great day everyone. 

Wednesday - English - Adjectives

Tuesday 16th June

Wow, we were so impressed with the amazing questions which you sent us about the strange new animal which has been spotted! There has been a special news programme made about this animal which you can watch on the Video Resource Centre named 'Breaking News!'

For your English today we would like you to watch the video and listen very carefully to the information. Did you find any of the answers to your questions? There are some questions about the animal for you to answer once you have watched the video below.


In maths we are practicing finding 1 more and 1 less than a 2 digit number. There is an extra challenge for you to complete too.


Have a great day Year 1! smiley

Tuesday - English - Questions to answer

Monday 15th June

Good morning Year 1. We hope that you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunny weather.

Today for your English we are sharing some exciting news about an amazing new animal which has been spotted in several countries in Africa. We need your help to find out more information about it. There is an activity sheet below which will give you more information.


For your maths today we are ordering 2 digit numbers. There is also an online maths game for you to play. 


Below you will also find this week's foundation subjects grid. 

Monday - English

Thomas has been finding out some exciting facts about eagles. Here are some of the facts he's researched...

Eagles have super sharp talons.
The male and female build the nest together.
They have very good eyesight.
They can turn their heads almost all the way round like an owl.

Well done Thomas for great fact finding!

Look what Erica has been busy doing! She has hatched these chicks at home with her family.