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Mr Jonathan Buwert

I am the youth worker at Cambourne Church and usually work with young people of secondary school age. I also support Year 6 pupils in the transition into secondary school, and have particularly worked with students from the Vine because of the relationship that the church has with the Vine school. During the Summer term each year I meet with one or two small groups of students over six weeks and run “Ready To Go” sessions, exploring aspects of the transition such as friendships, bullying, homework and more. I am also involved with pastoral support at Cambourne Village College and supporting the running of community-based youth groups in Cambourne through Romsey Mill, and so there is opportunity to continue the journey with these young people as they enter Year 7 and often throughout their secondary school years.

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Visit from Knox Grammar School, Sydney, Australia.


"On our visit to the Vine, the first impression we had was the school’s highly effective and creative visual displays that promote the Christian values of the school. From the painted sentences of the school prayer across different rooms and corridors, to the displays of the cross and the vine in the reception area and notice boards that display the school values of the fruit of the Spirit, it was very clear that the Christian vision of the school is integral to the life of the school and is desired to be communicated to all who come.

This vision was then reinforced at assembly time during which prayers were written and led by students and where students were recognized and celebrated for living the values and vision of the school. They are promoted in the classroom through prayer spaces and codes of behaviour."


Full report below

Smart Learning - The Methodist Quadrilateral


"Smart Learning days are always a joy to deliver and take part in and this was no exception. Our children had a thoughtful and enriching morning discussing the real meanings of Christmas."

Steve Acklam

Methodist Schools Visitor

Visit Rev.S.Browning


"I have been incredibly impressed with the positivity of the learning environment of the school.  It has shown me how carefully choosing language for discipline and critical feedback can allow pupils to be challenged but without negativity or aggression.  I’ve enjoyed the overwhelming sense that students of The Vine know that they are loved here!"