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Feedback from the Ely Regional Advisor:

  • Having toured the school with two Y6 girls, the love and passion they show for their school was very heart-warming, the girls were knowledgeable, articulate and confident when talking about many aspects of school life – the overwhelming sense that ‘children are listened to here’: they have a voice and have clearly been involved in shaping the school, they are confident that they can continue to make a difference, both within and beyond school
  • The impact of the school’s work on courageous advocacy was clear – the children showed examples of previous projects which they had planned and led, and even gave evidence of the impact that these have had on others (including some world-wide actions, positively impacting on the lives of others globally)
  • During a pupil-voice activity with six Y6 pupils (4 boys, 2 girls picked at random), it was clear that:

- pupils are confident that their actions will make a difference, both now and in the future

- pupils are driven to improve the lives of others, for example, through positive climate change choices, through tackling and eradicating racism, through finding cures for cancer and choosing career paths which will positively impact on society

- pupils feel that ‘all are welcome here’ is at the heart of the school beliefs and that through, not just saying, but ‘living’ this, they are doing the work of ‘The Great Commission’  by spreading the Christian word and loving all mankind

- pupils spoke animatedly about being able to find their place at The Vine, and be themselves regardless of their own religions - they are whole-heartedly committed to continuous, fervent anti-discriminatory behaviours, in their endeavour to ‘spread the Christian word’

- pupils find great joy when their actions positively impact on others – the school’s reward systems have greatly influenced this, through each class working towards filling their ‘pro-social jars’, which will result in them carrying out a good deed for others

Smart Learning - The Methodist Quadrilateral


"Smart Learning days are always a joy to deliver and take part in and this was no exception. Our children had a thoughtful and enriching morning discussing the real meanings of Christmas."

Steve Acklam

Methodist Schools Visitor

Visit Rev.S.Browning


"I have been incredibly impressed with the positivity of the learning environment of the school.  It has shown me how carefully choosing language for discipline and critical feedback can allow pupils to be challenged but without negativity or aggression.  I’ve enjoyed the overwhelming sense that students of The Vine know that they are loved here!"

Visit from Knox Grammar School, Sydney, Australia.


"On our visit to the Vine, the first impression we had was the school’s highly effective and creative visual displays that promote the Christian values of the school. From the painted sentences of the school prayer across different rooms and corridors, to the displays of the cross and the vine in the reception area and notice boards that display the school values of the fruit of the Spirit, it was very clear that the Christian vision of the school is integral to the life of the school and is desired to be communicated to all who come.

This vision was then reinforced at assembly time during which prayers were written and led by students and where students were recognized and celebrated for living the values and vision of the school. They are promoted in the classroom through prayer spaces and codes of behaviour."


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