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w/c 18 Jan 21

Hello Year 4 and welcome to week 3 of remote school.  We hope you all had a restful weekend and were able to do some enjoyable activities with your families.  

It was great seeing so much of your remote learning last week.  Remember to email us twice a week with your learning.

Have a good week.

Mrs Stewart and Mrs Richardson

Friday 22nd January



Click here for maths part 1 - Can I solve four digit calculations?  Complete the calculations and the challenge if there is time. (approx 30mins).


Watch maths part 2 - Can I recall my 9 times table? Find the factor families for all of the 9 times table. (approx 40mins)


Complete Multiplication check on  Is your score improving each week? (approx 5 mins)


Practise times tables on TT Rockstars. (approx. 15mins)

Below is the English lesson for Friday. This should take approximately 1 hour.  Focus: Can I spell and use the homophones; there, their and they're correctly? Please include 20 minutes of reading and 10 minutes of spellings.



Click here to watch the video - Can I compare Brazil and East Anglia?  Use the maps and PDF to help you complete a table comparing Brazil and East Anglia. (approx. 1hr)

Thursday 21st January



Today's maths lesson is all about problem solving.  As I know you will all want to solve the problems, there is no warm up or problem of the day today.


Click here to watch today's maths lesson - Can I solve problems using all the multiplication and division skills I have been taught?  Complete 'Museum Madness'. (approx 1hr 20 mins)


10 minute maths - missing numbers using known facts.

English (1 hour lesson and 20 minutes reading plus 10 minutes spellings)


For today's lesson we would like you to practise reading aloud your persuasive text from yesterday. There are some top tips for this on the lesson slide.

For the remaining time you have a 'free-write' exercise. This means you have a picture to inspire your writing, and you get to choose what to write: story, poem, diary entry..... you choose! The picture can be found on the lesson slide. If you have trouble accessing this, just choose your own picture.



Click here to watch today's lesson and learn how to say prepositions in Spanish.  Complete the learning set on the video. (approx. 30 mins)



Click here to watch today's work out video. (approx 30 mins)

Wednesday 20th January


Warm up (approx. 5 mins) - rounding numbers


Click here for today's maths lesson - Can I solve problems that involve scaling? Watch the video and then help the wizard make more or less of his potion. (approx. 1hr)


10 minute maths - follow the clues to work out my number.


Problem of the day - how many ways? (approx. 15 mins)

English (1 hour lesson plus 20 minutes reading and 10 minutes spelling) Please remember that this does not all have to be done at once!


Today you will be writing your persuasive text. Use the learning from the previous lessons to help you if you need it. The powerpoint slide gives you some ideas and reminds you of things to include in your writing.

PE (25 minutes)

It is lesson 2 of our South American Carnival  Dance.

Use the link to get to the BBC Schools radio broadcast, all the details are on the powerpoint if you need them.

PSHE (35 minutes approx)


Today we will be exploring why rules are important at home and at school.

You will read the information on the powerpoint slides and then make a leaflet explaining the rules we have at school to help a new pupil or adult.

Tuesday 19th January


Warm up - complete the number sequences on the document below (approx. 5 mins)


Click here to watch part 1 of today's maths lesson - Can I solve correspondence problems?  Once you have watched the video complete the part one questions below.  If you have time, have a go at the challenge.


Watch part 2 of today's maths lesson.  Answer the questions on the part 2 document below.

Both of these should take approx. 1hr in total.


10 minute maths - watch and complete the activity.


Problem of the Day - what skills or knowledge will you need for today's problem? (approx. 15mins)

English (1 hour lesson, plus 20 minutes reading and 10 minutes galaxy spelling revision)

Tuesday's lesson is a reading comprehension lesson with a learning link to our science topic on teeth.

The first part of the lesson explores puns. The second part of the lesson contains questions to answer about the text and the third part of the lesson is making a poster, persuading children to look after their teeth.

Science (1 hour of learning)

Today we will be looking at the different types of teeth and their functions.

Feel the  difference between your teeth or look at them in a mirror.

You will go through the tasks on the BBC link with a 'fill the gap' section and a quiz.

Next, label the teeth correctly on the mouth. If you can't print this, don't worry, just draw the mouth and add the labels.

Finally, see if you can match the names of the teeth to their function descriptions.

Monday 18th January


Warm up (approx. 5 mins) Practise counting forwards and backwards in 3s, 4s and 8s, starting at 0.  Challenge yourself by starting at different numbers.


Click here for today's maths lesson (approx. 1 hr).  Today we are learning how to divide.  The calculations you need are below.


Watch and complete today's 10 minute maths.


Problem of the day (approx.15 mins) - how will you get on with today's problem?

English (1 hour lesson plus 20 minutes reading and 10 minutes spelling test)

This week we will focus on persuasive texts. Today you will read about how we write to persuade, and also read a persuasive text about pets. You will answer questions based on what you have read, find examples of persuasive language, and, if you have time, provide Mrs Richardson with some feedback for her persuasive text. 

Good luck in your spelling test today, Year 4!


Focus: Can I understand different reactions to the events of Holy Week? (approx 1 hr)


Click here to watch today's RE video.  You will listen to the story of Holy Week whilst thinking about how different characters would have been feeling.  You will write a diary entry as if you are Mary and then there are some questions to get you thinking.