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Design & Technology teaches pupils how to work logically, researching, exploring, creating and evaluating. Projects in each year group focus on developing the pupils' problem solving skills alongside promoting creative thinking. Key skills are developed through giving pupils opportunity to research, design, make and evaluate. Pupils develop an understanding of the role design and technology plays both in our society and globally.



Each year group completes 2 projects during the year, one which focuses on cooking and nutrition. Projects are planned around the 3 p's principle - a product for a person with a purpose. Key skills for each year group are identified and pupils are assessed in relation to these at the end of each project. Skills include cutting, joining, assembling and shaping. 

How does Design and Technology link to our school vision?


Pupils develop and build upon a range of identified skills from one year to the next - Let the rooms be full of contentment.

Pupils have opportunities to work as a team and support each other in their learning - Love of one another.

Pupils understand the importance of Design and Technology in our society and globally - Love of mankind.

Links to Christian and British Values

Cooking and Nutrition provides opportunities to find out about where our food comes from, learn about traditional British foods such as crumble and appreciate foods from different cultures.

Opportunities for decision making, showing initiative and innovative thinking when planning and completing projects.

Respect for democracy and others through sharing ideas and resources when completing projects.

Respect and tolerance when evaluating their own and each other's work. 

The Vine School Design & Technology Curriculum

The Vine School Design and Technology 2023-2024