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w/c 11 Jan 2021

Friday 15th January 


Tapestry will have a reading activity for you to follow.smiley



Focus - Can you draw your favourite part of the story?

Can you write a story review? In your book can you draw your favourite part of the story? If you are able to can you write why you liked the story or if you didn't can you write why?


Focus: Can i count in 2's and 5's to find the total amount?

First we would like to say how amazed we were with your number bonds yesterday, you should be very proud of yourselves as they are tricky, well done!

In maths today please watch the first video and join in counting in 2's. Then please watch the video from Miss Davenport all about making groups of 2 and using them to help count in 2's to find the total amount.  You will then have a go at counting in 5's.  Challenge yourself and see how many you can count up to. You will need some objects to help you e.g. socks, pasta, cereal, counters. We look forward to seeing your photos on tapestry.

Hope you have a well earned, restful weekend.


(approx. 1 hour)

Focus: Can you understand how you belong to your family?

Watch the video of Mrs Westwood talking about her family. Can you draw and label a picture of the people in your family? Can you share a photo of something that you love doing with your family? 


Thursday 14 January



(approx 1 hour)


Focus - Can you draw and label the Big Bad Wolf?


Watch the video of Miss Gray and have a go at drawing your own version of the Big Bad Wolf. Can you label what your wolf it like inside and out? Have a go at sounding out the words on your own and then your adult will help you.


Focus: Can I make number bonds to 10? 

Big well done with your number bonds (sentences) to 10 yesterday.  We enjoyed watching you play our game, looks like you had fun.  Today in Maths we are going to continue with adding numbers to make 10.  You will need your counting hands you created at the beginning of the week to help you.  Please watch the first video/song all about number bonds to 10.  We would then like you to watch the video from Miss Davenport showing you how to use your counting hands to make number bonds to 10.  If you can, have a go at writing as many number sentences as you can.  Can you work systematically (in order) to learn your number bonds i.e 10+0=10, 9+1=10, 8+2=10.  Can you see any patterns if you write them in a list? 

Understanding of the World

(approx 1 hour)
Focus - Can you draw a map?


Watch the video of Miss Gray talking about her map she has drawn. Can you have a go at drawing your own map to Grandma's house. What will be on your map? Show the map on Tapestry either with a photograph or a video of you showing us how Little Red Riding Hood travelled through to Granma's cottage. You can use pictures or if you want to act it out that would be fantastic.

Miss Gray's map to Grandma's house.

Wednesday 14 January




Focus - Can you write a list?


Can you have a picnic in your own home and write what you have eaten. What do you think Little Red Riding Hood had in her basket for Grandma. You can write on the sheet below or in your remote learning books. Please have a go at sounding out the words. Try and remember to form the letters correctly.

Miss Gray has tried to upload her video many many times now and it is not working! I am so sorry about this. I hope you have a nice picnic.

Focus: Can I add 2 numbers together?
Please watch the video from Miss Davenport all about addition. You will need 10 (soft) objects and something to make a circle or a large container.  Can you add 2 numbers together to make 10?  Remember when we add numbers, our total will get bigger.  Have a go at writing your numbers as a number sentence.  Really work hard to form your numbers correctly.

Understanding the world - R.E


Focus - Can you tell me how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali?


You can watch the different videos about Diwali. Can you say what is exciting about this celebration? Have a go at drawing something about the celebration.

Tuesday 12 January


Focus - Can you write a sentence?


Watch the video with Miss Gray writing her sentence. Please help her edit her sentence which is wrong! Can you write a sentence with a full stop and capital letter? You can use the sheet below to write your sentence or use your remote learning book. Please put a photo on tapestry of this sentence.





Focus: Can i estimate different quantities?

Wow, I love the counting hands you have been creating, thank you for sharing them. Remember to keep hold of them ready to use later this week! You have also drawn some great objects to show the number 12.  Well done for challenging yourselves too!

For Maths today we are looking at estimation.  Watch the video of Miss Davenport explaining all about estimation.  Ask your grownup if you can put a handful of coins, cereal, pasta in a bowl and see if you can estimate how many items there are.  Remember, a good estimate is one that is really close to the actual amount there are.  Once you have had a practise, have a go at the attached PDF below.  Don't worry if you are not able to print off the sheet, just write the answers in your remote learning book, take a photo and upload to tapestry.


Focus: Can i create a forest picture?

For your art learning, please watch the video from Miss Davenport.  We would like you to create a picture of a forest, like the one that Little Red Riding Hood ran through, to get to Granny's house.  You can use pencils, paint, felt pens or you could even use leaves, sticks etc from the garden/outside to create a collage.  Think about the video of Mrs Westwood in her garden and the different colour greens she could see.  Can you have a go at different shades of colour in your picture?  We look forward to seeing your creations.

Monday 11th January 


There is a video on Tapestry for your child to take part in and a timetable of activities for them to do. The videos are on Tapestry so we can tailor the learning to your child's needs. If you cannot find this on Tapestry then please email us so we can help you.


(approx 1 hour)


Focus- Can you sequence a story?


Please watch the story of Little Red Riding Hood and then have a go at drawing the beginning, middle and ending of the story. Don't worry if you cannot print off the sheet.  If you would like to extend this learning, write a sentence about what is happening in the picture. Please put your child's work on to Tapestry so we can see their learning.

Little Red Riding Hood - sequencing


(approx 1 hour)

Focus: Can I recognise and show the number 12?

In Maths today you will need some pieces of card, pencil and scissors.  If you do not have any card, don't worry as pieces of paper will be fine. First please watch the video all about the number 12 as this is our number of the week.  Next, watch the video from Miss Davenport.  Can you make the number 12 with different objects in your house?  Can you write the number 12 in your remote learning book, really focus on your number formation? Can you show me 12 in your book?  You could draw 12 dots, stars, cars, flowers, whatever you wish. Have a go at challenging yourself and tell your grownup what is one more or one less than 12.  Maybe you could have a go at counting the objects in 2's. For the second part of our Maths, we would like you create counting hands.  These will be used later in the week to help with our Number bonds practise.

Outdoor Learning

(approx 1 hour) 

Focus: Can you identify colours and different shades in the outdoor environment?

Watch Mrs Westwood's video. Can you explore your outdoor area and find different natural and man made colours? What are the different shades you can find? Can you find light colours and dark colours?