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w/c 4 Jan 2021

Friday 8th January 


(approximately 1 hour) 

Focus: Can you blend the words to read a story?
             Can you identify your favourite story and why?

Happy Friday FS2! We are so, so proud of your fantastic learning on Tapestry. Thank you and to your grown ups for all of your hard work.

Every Friday our English focus is on reading just like at school. Watch the video of Mrs Westwood and have a go at reading your first reading book in your pack that you have collected from school. You need to go onto "activities" on Tapestry to find your video from either Mrs Westwood, Miss Davenport or Miss Gray and read the red and green words with them. Then have a go at reading your book. If you have any difficulty finding your video please email and we can try to help!

Our bonus exercise for today is for you to find your all time favourite story and to explain to us why it is your favourite! 

Mrs Westwood has filmed a video of her reading the Elmer story, find it just below PSHCE.


(approximately 1 hour) 

Focus: Can I recognise and show the number 11? 

             Can I order teen numbers?

Happy Friday everyone.  Well done for your wonderful teen number object making yesterday.  We have enjoyed seeing all the different objects used to make teen numbers. Please keep the learning coming in, we love seeing what you have been doing.  For todays learning we are going to look at the number 11.  First of all I would like you to watch the Numberblocks video that is all about the number 11.  When you have finished, please watch the video of Miss Davenport for todays learning about the number 11 and teen numbers. For this activity you will need to find 11 objects, a pencil, paper and possibly some scissors depending on how many pieces of paper you have (if you do not have any child friendly scissors, ask your grownup to help you). Try and challenge yourself with Miss Davenport's question at the end! I look forward to seeing your pictures on tapestry.


(approximately 1 hour) 

Focus: Can you recognise similarities and differences between yourself and others?

Watch Mrs Westwood's video and guess the people she is describing. Now you can have a go at describing someone to your family and see if they can guess who you are talking about. It is important we talk about physical features (the way someone looks) as well as their personality, likes, dislikes etc. Can you comment on how this person is similar to you and how they are different? 

Mrs Westwood has also read the story of Elmer for you. Can you think about how he is similar and different to his elephant friends? 

Thursday 7th January 


Focus: Can you edit and write a sentence?

Watch the video of Mrs Westwood and her sentence. Can you spot what is wrong with the sentence and help Mrs Westwood? Now have a go at writing your own sentence about what you got for Christmas. Remember all of the things we need in a sentence, a capital letter, finger spaces, full stop etc. 


Focus: Can i practise teen numbers?

Watch the video from Miss Davenport all about teen numbers.  Can you have a go at making your own teen numbers using different objects around your house.  Remember to always have 10 of the same item to show the first group of the two digit number and then add objects to show the one digit number.  Maybe you could write the teen number to show me how many you have, concentrating on forming your numbers correctly.

Why don't you watch the second video and join in with a teen number workout!

I look forward to seeing your teen number objects on tapestry.

Understanding the World 

Focus: Can you identify different weather and talk about what we need to dress in?

Watch Mrs Westwood's video and discuss what she is wearing for her walk today and why. Why has she chosen to put on a coat? Can you look at the PowerPoint below and dress the little girl for the correct weather. Maybe you can show yourself outside today and what you have chosen to wear!

Wednesday 6th January 


Focus: Can you label a picture?

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break and got lots of lovely things. Watch the video of Mrs Westwood sharing the presents she got for Christmas. Can you show us your favourite present? Draw a picture of the presents you received and label the picture. You need to sound out the words using your Fred fingers! Upload a photo to Tapestry for us to see. 


Focus: Can you use positional language?

For today's Maths please watch Miss Davenport's video all about positional language.  Can you have a go at hiding a toy in your house, ask your grownup to find it and describe to them where it is. You could take a video or a photo and upload it to tapestry for us to see.  Happy Hiding!



Focus - can you talk about what is special to me?


Watch the videos from Miss Gray and Miss Davenport. These videos show what is really special to both of your teachers. Can you make a box for yourself and collect special things which are important to you. Please put a video on Tapestry telling us why these objects are so important. I have added 5 special memories, objects or activities into my box.