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w/c 4 Jan 21

Friday 8th January

Happy Friday year 1! We have really missed seeing you at school, but are so, so proud of all your hard work and fantastic remote learning you have done this week.


English (approximately 1 hour)

Today for English there are three activities for you to complete, which should take you about an hour.  Firstly, we would like you to listen to and join in with our Phonics video. Today we will practise some more speed sounds with a special focus on reading and writing words with 'ou' and 'igh'.After that we would like you to play the 'buried treasure pirate game', just like we sometimes do at school. By clicking on the link below you can connect to the website. Please press play, choose phase 5 and click on any speed sound you would like to practise. Can you read the words and decide which ones are real and fake? Have fun!

Finally you can watch the handwriting video. We will have a go at writing the 'v' and 'w'. Please remember to sit up straight and hold your pencil correctly. There is a link to the handwriting website below.


Art (approximately 1 hour)

As part of our topic on space today we are going to create space pictures, showing you as an astronaut, floating into space or standing on the moon. For this activity you can use the astronaut picture provided in your remote learning pack. We are looking forward to see your learning!

Maths (approximately 1 hour)

Today in Maths we are warming up by practising our number pairs for 6, there is a link to the song below to help you.  Then continuing with our learning about subtraction our focus is: Can I subtract by breaking apart?  There are two videos to watch.  You will need to be ready with your remote learning book and something to write with. You will also need one of the sheets from your remote learning pack.  Have a great day learning and we look forward to seeing what you have done!

Thursday 7th January

Thank you to all those who have already emailed us their learning and we look forward to seeing what everyone else has been doing soon.

Today in Maths we are continuing to practise our subtraction skills by counting backwards on a number line.  Please watch the video in our resource centre and then complete the two sheets in your remote learning pack.  The warm up today is counting backwards, follow the link below to find a song to help you practise this important skill.


For your English there are 4 activities today which should take about an hour altogether. Firstly there is a phonics video for you to join in with. Today our sound is 'ea'. We would also like you to practise reading and spelling the tricky words which we sent home in your Remote Learning packs. We will also be emailing you a book which we would like you to read and discuss on the Oxford Owls site. There are details of how to register for free on the website both on our Year 1 webpage and in your child's Remote Learning book. Please let us know if you have any problems with this. Finally there is a story for you to watch - it's one of our class favourites.


For your third activity today there are 2 Design & Technology videos to watch about where our food comes from and a follow up activity which we hope you'll enjoy doing. Please watch the videos in the resource centre in order as indicated in the titles. We look forward to seeing your learning! 

Remote Learning – Reading

As we are aware, access to reading books which will support your child at their stage of their reading development may be a little tricky for some of you.

Oxford Owls are now offering free access to their ebooks. The website is below and we have put a link to it too.

Once you register you can access a wide range of books which will support your child’s progress in reading. On the home page you will find a link to the ebooks which you can access. The books also have little activities to complete once your child has read them which help their comprehension skills.

We can support you with choosing books which are appropriate for your child if you need. Please let us know by emailing us at

Wednesday 6th January 

We hope you all had a relaxing and happy Christmas break and are ready for your remote learning this term!


Firstly we would like to introduce you to our new teaching assistant, Mrs Cleland.  It is a pleasure to welcome her to our team and you will find a video of her reading you one of our favourite stories on our videos resource centre.


For Maths today please watch the videos on our resource centre.  Warm up your Maths brain by practising your number pairs for 4 and 5.  Don't forget to use your hands to help show them.  Follow the links to the number pairs songs to help you.  Then follow the instructions on the video to practise your subtraction skills.  


Today for English we would like you to tell us all about your Christmas break as we can't all share our news together in class and we miss hearing all about the exciting things you've been up to. Please send us a photo of your writing so we can hear your news! There is also a phonics lesson for you to complete. Today our focus sound is 'ai'. There is a link to the videos for you to watch below.