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Week commencing Monday 4th May

Video update:

If you have not received a reply about your video it means we have been unable to open it. We are aware some of you have sent using google drive however it requires the addressee to have an account.

Please see below some information we have received from our IT technician:

The best way would be to use onedrive or google drive, there is a way to share files on google drive and onedrive without the need to share it with a specific user or a need to have a google account. This is called link sharing (so staff only need to click on the link to view/download the video) I have attached a guide to sharing in Onedrive and google drive below:



Parents will just need a microsoft or google account, vast majority of them will likely have one of those already, and they are free anyway.

Please can you  can share your video file by sending a link to the Year 4 e-mail account with either:

  • Dropbox
  • Onedrive
  • Googledrive

Wednesday 6th May English (Video in resource centre)