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Week commencing Monday 18th May

Hello Coral and Ruby and welcome to the final week of this half term, hasn't it flown?

As always it has been so fantastic to see your learning on Tapestry, you have all been so focused and busy during this time and we are all immensely proud of you.

We are excited about our special week this week- book week! We will be focusing our learning all around the Elmer stories, Elmer has had lots of adventures so if you have not heard any of these stories feel free to search them on YouTube to watch. As our 'Thank You' video was such a success we have decided to do another video, this time for Elmer day!

Make sure you look at the foundation grid to find out what we would like from you. Have a great week, remember to upload to Tapestry and email us if you need any help.

Book Week At Home!

Foundation subjects grid 

Elmer the Rainbow Elephant Song.mp3

Friday 22nd May - Maths

Focus: Can you count in 2s?

Watch the counting in 2s song (link below). Can you work out the answers to each question on the worksheet? Some of them are a challenge! We would love to see a video of you counting in 2s!

Friday 22nd May- English

Focus: Can you design your own book cover?

Yesterday you created your own setting for Elmer.

There are lots of different stories that Elmer is in such as Elmer and Wilbur, Elmer and the lost teddy.

Can you think of a title to go with your setting?

Mrs Grimshaw has given the elephant she designed a name... Ezra.

She has decided to call her story 'Ezra in Space'.

Can you draw your own book cover with the title of your book on the front?

Here is Mrs Grimshaw's book cover.


Challenge:- Can you write some of your story?


Thursday 21st May - Maths 

Focus: Can you count in 2s?

Watch the video of Mrs Westwood counting in 2s using quiet and loud counting. Every time you say a number you have to miss the next number. Using the 100 square (click on the 1-100 option) on the link below, can you count in 2s colouring in each number you say? What do you notice?

Challenge: Can you do the same for 10s and 5s in different colours?

Thursday 21st May - English

Focus: Can you write a setting?

Stories are set in different places. We call these story settings.

Mrs Grimshaw has created a new story setting for Elmer the Elephant.

Can you use your imagination to create your own setting for Elmer?


Success Criteria:

-Draw your own setting.

-Write where your setting is.


Challenge: - Describe your setting in sentences.

Wednesday 20th May - Maths

Focus: Can you subtract by counting backwards?

Remembering the subtracting we did a few weeks ago; can you colour Elmer in by subtracting the amounts by counting backwards? Remember to start with the biggest number and count backwards to find the answer.

Wednesday 20th May - English

Focus: Can you write a description?

 In Elmer, lots of elephants paint themselves for Elmer day.

 Here is  Mrs Grimshaw's elephant that she has decorated and written a description for it.

 Success Criteria:

-Draw and decorate your own elephant.

-Write describing words

 Challenge: - Write describing sentences.

Tuesday 19th May - Maths 

Focus: Can you create a repeating pattern?

Watch Mrs Westwood's video of repeating patterns. Using the template below, or a drawing of Elmer the elephant, can you create your own repeating pattern? Have a go at using 3 colours to make the pattern and remember if it is repeating it has to be the same over and over again.

Tuesday 19th May - English

Focus: Can you read some of your favourite story?

Mrs Grimshaw has caught Elmer reading in the sandpit! We thought it would be nice to read the story with Elmer too. Can you find a funny place in your home to read your favourite book, and video yourself reading your favourite part? 

Challenge: - Read more than a page by yourself.

Monday 18th May - Maths 

Focus: Can you double prices?

As you were all so fantastic with doubling last week, we are going to do some doubling with money today. We are going to throw Elmer and Wilbur a tea party! There are 2 elephants so to make sure they both eat the same we need to buy 2 of everything. Complete the sheet below working out how much it is going to cost for our tea party.

Monday 18th May - English

Focus: Can you explain your favourite part of the story?

Our focus character this week for book week is Elmer the Elephant.

Watch the story of 'Elmer' being read by it's author, David McKee. (Found below)

What was your favourite part of the story and why?

You can talk about it, draw it or write it. Don't forget to upload it to tapestry.

Challenge: Can you write it as a sentence?


Time for Storytime: David McKee reads Elmer

Sit back with your little one and let the wonderful author-illustrator David McKee read from his successful and much-loved picture book, Elmer. Filmed & edit...

Monday 18th May - Phonics

Focus: Can you use your phonics to spell?

Play the game on Forest Phonics to help you spell using your phonics.

Click on the digraphs you find tricky to help you get better at them.

Please try at least 3 different sounds to practise.

Let us know how you do on tapestry.