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The first chapter of our new book, Emile and the Detectives, is now available on the Year 5 Media page.


It was written by the German author Erich Kästner in 1929. He wrote many children’s books. Emil and the Detectives was the only book of his that wasn’t censored by the Nazis after Hitler came to power in 1933. The book has sold millions of copies. It’s been made into a film five times and also adapted for the theatre. The story is a mixture of adventure and mystery about a boy who has his money stolen whilst on a journey to Berlin and sets out to find it with the help of some new friends.


We hope you enjoy it!

You will find a recording of Under the Rug on the Year 5 Media page.

Today, you will continue to write and edit your build-up. You can also learn about idioms above but if you just want to concentrate on making your story the best it can be that will be fine. You can always come back to the idioms another time. Please do though, they're really useful for your writing!

Please watch the MYSTERY STORIES SUSPENSE INPUT video on the Year 5 Media page.
Please watch the MYSTERY STORIES OPENINGS INPUT video on the Year 5 Media page.