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w/c 4 Jan 21

Year 5 Remote School 2021 Spring 1


Happy New Year, Year 5! We hope you had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break and are ready for the term ahead. Due to the current circumstances the term will start in Remote School.


The format of our remote learning will be in the format of daily videos and learning attached on the Year 5 page on the school website. We will provide English, Maths and one foundation subject per day. In addition to this, the pupils will be expected to read for at least 15 minutes a day and spend time practising times tables and spellings. 


Please email us via the Year 5 email ( if you have any questions about the learning and also to inform us of how the remote learning is going.



We will be in contact with you weekly. This will start on Thursday and Friday this week. We will book you on to the SchoolCloud (as per parent consultations). This week you will be booked on at a time we allocate. Please have a look at your emails to check when the booking is for. If your booking isn't suitable do not worry, please email to rearrange beforehand.


Please note you may also receive a phone call during the week to check in on your child's learning, this will come from a withheld or private number so please do pick up. 

Friday 8th January
English (Approx. 1 hour of learning)

Watch the video input for today's English lesson. In our previous lessons we have looked at what a speech is, what techniques are used in great speech scripts and we are now moving onto how to deliver a good speech.


I would like you to pause the video when I tell you to and watch King George's Speech video (click on the text here). This should open in a new tab. Then I would like you to complete the two activities explained in the videos and in the document below. 


If you do not have a printer, do not worry - make a note of key words that he emphasises and pauses after, then complete task two. I would like to see your star and target for today's lesson. 


Video (8 minutes)

King George Speech Video (5 minutes)

Task 1 (15-20 minutes)

Task 2 (30 minutes)

Self-assessing (5-10 minutes)



Maths (At least 1 hour of learning)
Today we are going to look at area and perimeter of composite shapes. Remember perimeter is the continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometrical figure or the outermost parts or boundary of an area or object. When we are looking at calculating perimeter, we may need to measure round the outside or use the information given and work out missing lengths using the information. Area is the space that is found within the space of a 2D shape. When we are looking at calculating the area of rectangles, we multiply the length by the height. We may first need to work out missing lengths relating to the perimeter to help us solve the question. You may need to break your shapes down in to two, or more, rectangles in some cases.

PSHCE (Approx. 1 hour of learning)

Today for your PSHCE learning we will be thinking about the skills you use at school and at home. We would like you to begin by watching Mrs Wilkins’ video below which explains what you need to do.  For task 2 please write at least three paragraphs and, just as you did in yesterday’s geography learning, use fantastic adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make it more interesting for the reader.

Thursday 7th January

Maths (Approx. 1 hour of learning)

Still image for this video

English (Approx. 1-1.5 hours of learning)


Watch the video and read the document 'English Thursday 7th January 2020' to make sure you know what you need to do. Re-watch the video and follow along with the text as many times as you like if it helps you.


Once you have completed your learning you can check the features you've spotted against the ones that I spotted using 'Answers and Reflection Questions'. Self-assess your own learning, like we would in school with pink pen. Reflect on your learning using the reflection questions. 


Video (15 minutes)
I have a dream activity (35-45 minutes)
Self-assessing (10 minutes)

Geography (Approx. 1 hour of learning)

Still image for this video
Wednesday 6th January

Watch the video and complete the activities given. Below you will find the table of examples as a PDF document. 

If you need help with reading the examples, there is a PowerPoint where I have read them out. You can click on the audio files and press play. 

Watch the video explaining how to use an online Spanish-English dictionary and complete the dictionary activity below.