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Welcome to Remote learning


Below you will find some activities to undertake with your child that will support the continuation of their learning whilst pre-school has to remain closed.  Every day a new maths and literacy challenge will be set and then each week there will be a list of other activities to undertake over the week that support other areas of the curriculum.   When you have undertaken a challenge we ask you to upload the work onto Tapestry using either photographs or videos.  We are really looking forward to seeing all of your remote learning, if you have any issues then please do email.

Good Morning Pre-school and happy Thursday.  I hope that you have all had a good week so far,  I have loved seeing your story telling videos with sounds and actions, and your Easter egg colouring has been brilliant.  You are all doing brilliantly so keep up the good work.smiley
Good Morning Pre-School I hope that you have all had a lovely relaxed weekend and that you are ready for your remote learning this week. This week I will put up daily challenges for Maths and Literacy again and I have put up a new learning grid for further activities for you.  Don't forget to keep looking in the media centre as we will continue to add stories to it throughout the week.  I am really looking forward to seeing your learning so either add it to Tapestry or send me an email to the above address.
Hi pre-school, I hope that you are enjoying the activities and the lovely sunshine so far this week.  I know that all of the grown ups in Pre-School are missing you so we have put up some videos in the media centre for you.  Mrs Maya has sent a video about lunch and Mrs Colchester and Mrs Bransbury have read another story for you.  Remember when you do an activity ask your grown up to video or take photos then add them to Tapestry or email them so that we can still see you whilst you are not at pre-school.  Stay safe and well.
Hello Pre-school happy Wednesday, I hope that you are all enjoying the remote learning activities that have been posted online.  Yesterday I added one of my favourite stories onto the media centre, it is called Green eggs and ham.  I like this story because it has lots of rhyming words, listen to the story and see if you can hear some of the rhyming words for yourself.  There will be more videos to follow.  Stay safe and well.

Remote Learning Maths and Literacy - Monday 23rd March

Remote learning for the week beginning 23rd March

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