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w/c 4 Jan 21

Please could we ask all parents of those children who are not in school, to check their emails (including Spam) as we have sent meeting appointments, for tomorrow or Friday, using school cloud to you today.  Can you let us know if you have not received an email.  Thank you Mrs Stewart and Mrs Richardson.

Welcome back and Happy New Year.

On this page every day, we will upload learning for Maths, English and one Foundation subject.

There will be a mixture of powerpoints with us talking over them and videos which you will find on the video resource page.

Please keep reading and practising your spellings and times tables.

We look forward to hearing how you have got on with your learning when you email us.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

Mrs Stewart and Mrs Richardson

Friday 8th January


Focus: Can I add 4 digits using the formal column method? (approx. 40 mins)

Click here to watch the video where you will be taught how to use the formal column method for adding four digits.

Complete the calculations on the Calculations pdf.


Focus: Can I recall my times tables? (approx 20 mins)

Click here to go to Maths Frame and complete a multiplication check.  Record your score and let us know so that next time, you can try and beat it.

After you have done this, practise your times tables on TT Rockstars.

English for Friday 8th Jan (approx. 1 hour)

Below is Fridays English lesson on Prefixes. There is a PPT and worksheet. 

Geography (approx. 1 hour)

Focus: Can I name and locate countries in South America?

Click here to watch the video about the world and South America.  You will revise learning from previous years and then investigate the countries of South America.

Thursday 7th January




Click here is the link to the video for part 1 of today's maths lesson.  Watch the video and then complete task 1.


Click for part 2  Again, watch the video and then complete the tasks.

Wednesday 6th January 2021


All of the learning for today's English lesson can be found on the video resource page. The Powerpoint gives details of the lesson and activities; the video gives an example of how to complete the activity. 


7.1.21 Spanish

Focus: Can I learn the words for key shapes?


Click here for your Spanish video then complete the task.  The document 'los colores' is to help you.

7.1.21 Spanish Can I learn the words for key shapes?