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Week commencing Monday 27th April

Weekly foundation learning grid

(please also check the video page)

Friday 1st May - Maths 

Focus: Can you find number pairs to 10?

Open the learning below. Can you find the 2 numbers that make 10 in the number pair boxes? 

Extension: Can you make 10 with more than 2 numbers? 

Friday 1st May - English

Focus: Can you read and write the red words?

 As so many of you enjoyed it last week we thought we'd play it again! Can you play the dinosaur game to see if you can find the red word dinosaur egg.


Challenge: Listen to the word, write it down and click the egg you think it is, to see if you have written the right word. Give yourself a tick if you have. We wonder how many you can do?


Grown ups: The reception words are the first ones on the left hand side.

Screen free: The document below has the Reception red words on. Put out three words. Read one of them. Get your child to write the one they think it is. Then get them to match. If it is right, give them a big high five! Let us know how they get on over on Tapestry.

Thursday 30th April - Maths

Focus: Can you find all number pairs to 10?

Watch the number pairs to 10 song 

Have a go at using some toys to find all of the number pairs to 10. For example if you had 1 toy car how many more do you need to make 10? Your number pairs here are 1 and 9. Can you write them all down in addition number sentences e.g. 1+9=10?

There is a sheet below if your child finds writing the number sentences too tricky. 

Extension: Can you write number pairs to 20? What is similar between your number pairs to 10 and your number pairs to 20?


Thursday 30th April - English

Focus: Can you make a poster?

 In the story lost and found, the boy was sad because he was missing his penguin.

Today we are going make a missing poster using our describing words from yesterday. Watch the video of Mrs Grimshaw to see her make a missing poster.

There is also a file below to help you.

Remember to write your words by yourself using your phonics. We have been so impressed with those of you that are doing it, we'd love to see you all giving it a go.

Challenge:- Can you write 3 sentences?

Wednesday 29th April - Maths 

Focus: Can you write teen numbers and explain why they all have a '1'?

Well done with your number writing yesterday, it was so good to see so many of your lovely numbers. Today please watch the video and write the numbers from 11-20. What is similar about these numbers? Why do they each have a 1? Use your reasoning skills and place value knowledge to explain this. Feel free to use the sheet below if your child struggles with the correct number formation. 

Wednesday 29th April - English

Focus: Can you write describing words?

 We have use describing words lots at school. Can you remember the name for describing words? Adjectives! We’re going to use adjectives to describe a penguin.

Watch the video of Mrs Grimshaw to see her describe the penguins.

There is also a file below to help you.


Challenge:- Can you write your description in sentences?

Tuesday 28th April - Maths 

Focus: Can you write the numbers to 10?

Watch the video of Mrs Westwood writing the numbers from 1 - 10. Can you write these numbers correctly? You can use a pen or pencil or you could write them with your finger in some sand or with some chalk outside. 

Tuesday 28th April - English

Focus: Can you label?

Can you remember when we labelled different things in our classroom? Today, we are going to label different parts of a penguin.

Watch Mrs Grimshaw’s video to see how you can label your penguin. There is also a file below to help you.

Grown ups: Please encourage your children write as independently as possible. (We know how tricky this can be!) It is realy important that they know how to use their phonic skills to write words themselves. Thank you.


Challenge: - Can you label anything else?

Monday 27th April - Maths 

Focus: Can you subitise numbers to 10?

Follow the link to play the ladybird game to recap the subitising we did last week. Click on the 'matching' option and then 1-10 on the site. Play the game matching the ladybirds to the correct number, without counting the spots! Take your time to decide which ladybird has the most dots and therefore needs to go on the largest number and so on.

Monday 27th April- English

Focus: Can you write down facts?

 Last week we read the book  'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffer. Today we are going to watch a video to find out more about penguins.

Click to watch the video

 When you have done that, write a sentence about something you have learned about penguins


Challenge: Can you write 3 facts that you have learned about penguins?