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w/c 4 Jan 21

Spring 1 


Happy New Year, Year 3! We hope you had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break and are ready for the term ahead. 


The format of our remote learning will be in the format of daily videos. We will provide English, Maths and one foundation subject per day. In addition to this, the pupils will have their pre and post teaching grids to complete before and after their English and Maths learning for the day as well as timestables games and spelling practise. 


Please email us via the Year 3 email to let us know how things are going with the remote learning. If you have any further questions about the learning, please do not hesitate to ask. 


Thank you, best wishes


Miss Plane and Mr Hoque 



Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning. Today's learning will consist of English, Maths and PSHCE. 


English (1 hour of learning)

Our focus today is 'Can I plan my own volcano poem?'. Please follow the video provided, which covers the structure of a limerick, the features of a limerick and then invites the pupils to have a go at planning their own limerick. Once you have watched the video, please complete your planning. We have also provided the flipchart as PDF below. 

Maths (1 hour of learning)


Our focus today is "Can I add using the expanded or formal method?". We will be revisiting how to add using the expanded method and start to use the formal method. Please watch the video input as there is an explanation for both methods. You do not need to complete all the questions using both methods, please complete only using your preferred one! A PDF version of the flipchart has also been provided should you need it.

PSHCE (1 Hour of learning)

Our focus today is looking at similarities and differences between people and valuing diversity. Please follow the video provided, which takes you through two tasks. The flipchart is also provided as a PDF below.

Thursday 7th January 2021
Wednesday 6th January 2021