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Week beginning 11th May

Miss Davenport's Quiz - here are the answers!

Friday 15th May 

It's Friday already!  Thank you for all the learning you have sent in this week.  We have really enjoyed reading all your fact files and have seen some great drums and flags.  It has been wonderful to see such a variety of learning about Noah's Ark, including models big and small, mobiles and  pictures.  Miriam has even done an animation! (It is in our video resource centre to watch.)


For your English today we will be emailing you your guided reading and comprehension activities this morning. 

Next week in remote school it will be Book Week. Each day there will be some fun book related activities for you to complete for your English remote learning. There will also be some fun videos for you to watch in the resource centre so keep an eye out for those!


Today in Maths it's quiz day!  Please find the questions and answers below. 

Fun animal fact of the day

Here is the last animal fact of this week. Did  you know that the eye of an ostrich is bigger than its brain?


Have a lovely weekend everyone smiley

Tommy Peel made this beautiful African drum

And another great drum made by Zachary!

Thursday 14th May

Good morning everyone. We hope that you are all well.

Today for English we are learning about singular and plural words and how we add an 's' to some words to show there is more than one of something. There is a video for you to watch and an activity below. 

Today in Maths we are measuring capacity.  Watch the video and follow the task sheet.


Fun animal fact of the day

This is one from Mrs Teirlinck. Did you know that a snail can sleep for three years? 

Benjamin made this amazing lion mask to go with his information writing about lions.

This is Ashton's Noah's Ark made from ginger biscuits! Isn't it amazing

Harrison made this beautiful African drum. Well done!

Wednesday 13th May 

Good morning Amber and Topaz. We hope that you are all well.


For English today can you please continue with your information writing about your African animal. There is a video to remind you how to use your notes and write in full sentences below. 


In Maths today we are learning how to describe and compare the volume of water in a container. Watch the video then follow the instructions on the task sheet.  


Fun animal fact of the day

Here is another fun animal fact for you.  Did you know that a cow gives 200,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime!


Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning Year 1!  Thank you for all the learning, photographs and videos we have already received this week. It is fantastic to see you all and what you have been doing. We can see lots of people had fun in the sunshine on VE day! 


Today for English we would like you to write about your chosen African animal. There is a video for you to watch first which will explain how you can use your notes to help you. Because this is a big piece of writing we are giving you today and tomorrow for you to complete it. If you are unable to access the video there are notes below explaining how to do this. 


In Maths today we are learning how to measure how much things weigh. There is a video to watch before you start.   Remember helping with cooking and weighing ingredients is a great way to practise this skill! 


Fun animal fact of the day:

Mrs Richards has got another animal fact for you! Did you know that the heart of a shrimp is located in its head? How amazing is that!


In case you missed it, here is a quiz from Miss Davenport. It's just for fun. We'll post the answers at the end of the week. Good luck!

Information writing

This is Leo's bean. It's growing really well, isn't it?

Thank you for the great Noah's Ark learning. Here is Zachary's!

Monday 11th May

We hope that you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. If you commemorated VE Day in any way and you would like to send us some photos of what you did we would love to see them!


For your English today we would like you to re watch the phonics lesson 'e-e'. It has today's date on it 'Monday 11th'. Then play the 'Four in a Row game' focusing on the long 'ee' sound. You already have this in your phonics pack at home however there is a link below in case you cannot find it. We have played this game using different sounds before so hopefully you will remember what to do. When you have finished can you please practise reading and spelling the tricky words which you also have already in your remote learning packs at home. If you would like a challenge pick 5 of your spellings and practise using them in a sentence. Can you write a sentence which needs an exclamation mark? Or can you use them in a question? 


In Maths this week we are learning about weighing, volume and capacity.  Today we will be comparing weights.  There is a video to watch before you  start. 


Fun animal fact of the day:

Today's fun animal fact is from Mrs Bennett: Did you know that crocodiles have the strongest bite of any animal in the world?




Four in a Row - Long 'ee' sound.

Everywhere Bear's VE Day picnic with The Bennetts