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Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 1, we hope that you're all well and looking forward to our Easter break from remote school.

Today for your English we would like you to practice using words which begin with 'un' and look at how adding 'un' to a word changes what it means. Watch out later on and you will find out which book has won the vote. We will post the video this afternoon. 

Today for Maths we would like you to use the fractions skills you have been learning this week to do a fractions quiz.   Find the task sheet, quiz and answers below. 

English - Friday 3rd - Adding 'un'

More lovely Easter Gardens - by Jack G and Ollie!

Thursday 2nd April


Good morning year 1! First of all we would like to say thank you to everyone who emailed us their amazing giant chants.

We really enjoyed watching all your lovely videos. You have been really creative writing your chants and we are sure your family members must have loved it too. 

Today for English we would like your to pratice your phonics and have a go at reading and spelling words using the 'ph' sound.

Watch the video to help you with your sounds. 

For Maths we will be learning how to find a quarter of a number.  Watch the video in our remote playlist before you start. 


We would like to remind you as well to login on your Numbots account and have a go with Maths there!


Have a fun day learning!

Maths Thursday 2nd April Finding a quarter of a quantity

Thursday 2nd April - Phonics - Can you practice reading the 'ph' real and alien words?

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning and welcome to the new month!   Thank you for all the learning we have received so far this week, including some lovely Easter gardens.

Today in Maths we are carrying on our learning about fractions by splitting shapes into quarters. Watch the short video in our playlist then follow the task sheet below.

For English we would like you to watch the video below then have a go at writing your own giant chants. There are some examples for you to look at and a sheet to help you below. If you feel brave enough perhaps you can film yourself saying your chant and email it to us. 

Have fun! 

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 1. Thank you to everyone who emailed us their remote learning yesterday. It was so lovely to see how busy you'd all been and what fun you'd had making Easter gardens, looking for signs of Spring and finding halves of shapes. 

Today for English we would like you to complete your guided reading books. We will email you which book we would like you to read first thing. 

There is also a link below to have a go at an online phonics lesson. These lessons are focused on the speed sounds which we have been covering in class. Try watching the Speed Sounds 3 lesson. 

Today for Maths we will be learning how to find half of a quantity.  Watch the video in our remote learning playlist and read the instructions on the task sheet below.

Have a fun day learning!

Look at Noah's beautiful Easter garden.

Monday 30th March

Good morning Amber and Topaz class. We hope you've had a lovely weekend with your families and that you've had a good rest.

Below you will find the Remote Learning grid for this week. We know that some of you have already made your sandwiches, that's absolutely fine. If you wanted to, have another go and think of how you can make your sandwich even healthier. 


Today your English task is to practice forming your capital letters. There is a video for you to watch first, the link is below. You should have the handwriting sheets you need in your Remote Learning packs. There is a link to the sheets online below if you need. If you have already completed the sheets or can't find them then just practice in your Remote Learning book, that is absolutely fine. Please also practice reading the Year 1 tricky words which you have in your Remote Learning books. These are also called Common Exception Words.


This week in Maths we are going to be learning about fractions.  We are going to start today by halving shapes.  Please watch the video Halving Shapes in our remote playlist, then follow the instructions on the task sheet below.   


Thank you for the word problems you sent in last week.  Here is one for you to solve! 

There were 20 Minions.  15 liked Gru.  How many didn't like Gru?      (Jack G)



Handwriting - capital letters - 30.3.2020

Here's a story for you to listen to. Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

Friday 27th March

Good morning everyone. We are so impressed with the remote learning which you have completed this week, well done everyone. Can you all go and give your grown ups a huge hug and say thank you for all of their hard work .smiley

Today for your English we would like you to practice your phonics. Watch the video to help you with your speed sounds. We will also be emailing you your guided reading books this morning. Keep reading everyone, you're doing a fabulous job. 

Today for Maths you will be practising your subtraction skills. Please see the task sheet below.  Don't forget to try the Numbots website for some more Maths fun!

Everywhere Bear brought Mrs Bennett a gigantic box of delicious, scrumptious chocolates! Thank you Everywhere Bear.

Thursday 26th March - English - Please watch the video titled Happy Birthday then complete the writing activity below. Have fun!

Thursday 26th March

Can you practice reading and spelling the tricky words which were sent home in either your phonics pack or you Remote Learning book. To challenge yourself choose 5 words and write 5 sentences using each one. 

Thursday 26th March - Maths

Thank you for all the fantastic photographs, videos and messages we have received. We love seeing your learning!  It was great seeing all your different arrays. Well done!

Your Maths task today is to watch the short video on Counting On and then follow the instructions on the task sheet.

Fantastic beanstalk pictures from Harrison and Lilly!

Here are some really useful resources including fun activities to promote online safety.

Wednesday 25th March - English and Maths

Well done to everyone so far! We are so impressed with the remote learning which you've sent us. Please remember to email us every 2-3 days to let us know how you're getting on.

Your English task for today is to watch the video titled 'Full stops and capital letters'. Once you've watched the video then there is an activity below for you to complete. You will need to read through the sentences, spot the mistakes and then write them out using full stops and capital letters correctly. If you could do 3 of the sentences then that's great. If you want to challenge yourself and complete all 5 then fantastic!

Your Maths task today is all about arrays - hooray for arrays!   Please open the task sheet to find out more.  There is also a short video to watch first in our playlist area.  

Wednesday 25th March - Full stops and capital letters

Wednesday 25th March Maths Arrays

Look what Mrs Bennett found by the lake today whilst she was going for her 30 minute period of exercise! Can you tell me what it is?

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning everyone!  We hope that you all enjoyed yesterday's learning.  Thank you so much for all the emails and photographs, we love seeing how you are all getting on smiley  

Please find below new learning for today in Maths and English.  The Foundation Subjects can be done anytime during the week.  

Take care and have fun!

The  Year 1 Team

Remote Learning - Phonics - Tuesday 24th March

Please click on the link below to watch the video which explains today's learning. Please can you play the game 'Four in a Row - long 'ay' sounds from your phonics pack. Let us know how you get onsmiley.


Four in a Row - 'ay'

Good Morning Year 1!

Welcome to our Remote School!  Every day we will be giving you some Maths and English learning to complete. You will find today's activities below. Please remember to let us know how you have got on by asking an adult to email the Year 1 team.  We are also continuing our learning in all our other subjects; you will find your next learning on the Foundation Subject grid. Don't forget to look at the videos on our Year 1 media page, just click on the link below. There is a video there already for you to watch smiley

We are thinking of you all and are excited to hear all about your Remote Learning!  

The Year 1 Team 


Moving Pictures - In Design & Technology we have made pictures which move using levers and sliders. We designed and made our pictures using a space theme.

Phonic Screening Workshop - Here is the PowerPoint from the Phonic Screening Workshop. We have also attached the Speed Sounds chart again FYI.

Looking for signs of Winter at the Nature Reserve

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Maths Workshop, we hope you found it useful.

Amber class have been learning how to use the laptops to type sentences.

Hanukkah Smart Learning Morning

On Friday 6th December Mrs Bachar-Smith joined us for the morning and taught us all about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah and how her family celebrate it. We listened to the story of the Maccabees and learnt how their small army defeated the large Greek army and the miracle of the Hanukkiah (menora) which burnt for 8 days with only one pot of oil. Mrs Bachar-Smith said a Hebrew blessing and lit the candles in her Hanukkiah, showing how the father candle lights the other eight candles. We made candle headbands and had a go at playing dreidel games. We even had a go at writing Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew and learned that Hebrew is written from right to left. We thought about how the light in the darkness represents the good defeating evil, just like some of the other festivals we have learned about such as Diwali. Thank you Mrs Bachar-Smith for sharing your faith and traditions with us.

The Houses of Parliament

Still image for this video
Here is the result of our vote.

The Houses of Parliament

Still image for this video
Today we have been learning about what the Houses of Parliament are used for. We acted out what happens in the Houses of Parliament with our own Prime Minister, Members of Parliament and a Speaker. We voted on if we should always have apples for snacks. The verdict was yes!

Anti-Bullying Week: We made wrist bands to remind us that 'Change starts with us!'

Topaz Visit to Cambourne Library

Outdoor learning . Today we drew our own maps of the school grounds.