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Week beginning 8th June

Friday 12th June

Wow, we can't believe that it's Friday already! 

Today for your English there are 2 tasks for you to complete. We will be emailing you a guided reading activity this morning for you to complete using the Oxford Owls website. There is also a funny question for you to answer below. If you were the king or queen in the story and you wanted to test to see if someone was a real princess or prince, what would you put under their mattress? It can be as funny or strange as you like! You will see what I have chosen and some of my ideas on the sheet below.


For maths today there is a quiz for you to complete - good luck! 

Mrs Bennett found this egg shell when she went for a walk yesterday. Which bird do you think it is from?

Thursday 11th June

Happy Thursday everyone! We hope that you are all well. We were so impressed yesterday with the fantastic questions which you'd all written. We wonder what the answers to your questions would be if we could ask her? 


Today for your English there is a video below for you to watch. Can you write a description about what the princess looks like and use some exciting describing words? Knock our socks off Year 1! 


For maths we are comparing numbers within 100 and using the symbols to show if they are less than, greater than or equal to. We hope you remember doing this in class using the crocodile symbols.


We've had some amazing pictures of nests sent in. There would be some birds which would be very happy in some of these. Keep sending your pictures in. Have a great day! smiley

English - Princess description

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning everyone and welcome to remote school today - let's hope that it's another sunny day!


For English today we are focusing on using question marks and writing questions. There is a video to watch in the link and the instructions for the activity below.


For maths we are partitioning 2 digit numbers. Remember partition means splitting it up into tens and ones. 


We hope that you are all enjoying the Happy Songs this week. For the next couple of weeks they will all be songs with actions which you can copy and dance along to. So it's like enjoying the song and doing PE at the same time!


Please remember to email us during the week. We really appreciate your hard work and support with the remote learning! 

Wednesday - English - Questions

Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Amber and Topaz classes. Happy Tuesday!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their remote learning yesterday. It was so great to see how fabulous you are with your numbers to 100!


Today for your English there is a comprehension activity about 'The Princess and the Pea' for you to complete below. 

For maths today we are focusing on showing 2 digit numbers as tens and ones. This is something which we've covered in school already. There is a matching activity for you to complete too.


Don't forget the Foundation Grid Activities - happy bird spotting!

Tuesday - English - Comprehension

Monday 8th June

Good morning Year 1! We hope that you have all had a lovely half term and we look forward to hearing about all of the fun you've had. We've really missed not hearing about what you've been doing each week.  


For your English today there is a story for you to listen to in the Video Resource Centre. There is a link below. There is also a copy of the story below if you wanted to read it yourself. 


For maths today there is a place value activity working with numbers to 100 and beyond. There is a hundred square with missing numbers for you to complete and an online game to play. 


Our weekly foundation subjects grid is also below. This week there are lots of science activities to focus on and a Bible story to watch. 


Please remember to email your remote learning at least twice a week so we can see how you are all getting on. 


Monday - English - The Princess and the Pea