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Week commencing Monday 15th June


Remember to read every day and it's great to share reading with other family members.

Think about different types of reading material, for example; books, magazines, food packets, instructions for games, websites, to name a few.

Below are some links to online books to read and listen to.

If you are a member of the Cambridgeshire library service you can borrow ebooks, magazines and audiobooks online. Go to the website link below to log in and get more information. Don't worry if you are not a member you can also join by following the link. 

The Cambridgeshire Library Service are again running a Summer Reading Challenge, but digitally this year. Find information in the PDF below.

Are You a Reading Star?

Each week we will set a reading challenge for you to complete.

Don't forget to email telling us how you get on.

This week's challenge:

Read to someone over the telephone or video call.

Poem of the Day

The poem of the day is for sharing and enjoying.  smiley

Taken from the book ‘Read Me 2 – A Poem For Every Day Of The Year’. Chosen by Gaby Morgan. Published by MacMillan



Don't forget to learn your Galaxy of Spelling and Common Exception Words and ask someone to test you.

The Common Exception Words PDF below has 8 activity sheets for the whole half term.

We also learn a spelling rule every week which is on the powerpoint below and there is a word search to help learn it.


Friday Basic Skills

Multiplication and Division test - see PDF

Friday Focus: Can I find missing numbers?

Thursday Basic Skills

Count forwards and backwards whilst going up and down the stairs.  Count in 3s staring from 0, then 15.  Count in 5s starting at 20 and then 95.

Thursday Focus: Can I practise finding fractions?

Wednesday Basic Skills

Throw a dice twice and make a two-digit number.  How many more would you need to add to make the next 10.  For example I make the number 66.  I would need to add 4 to make 70.

Wednesday Focus: Can I find one third?

Basic Skills

Times tables number aerobics

Tuesday Focus: Can I find quarters?

Basic Skills

Start at 92, throw and catch a ball with a partner counting backwards from that number.  When the ball is dropped, work out how many you counted on.  Repeat with the numbers 160 and 103.

Monday Focus: Can I find one half?

Foundation Subjects

PE (The Record Breaker challenge is on the Foundation Subjects Grid - remember to let us know how you score by the weekend, certificates will be awarded the following Monday. Good luck!)

RE The Rich Man and the Needle of Heaven