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w/c 19 July 2021


One last message to you all.

Thursday 22nd July



Please watch the last phonics and hope you enjoy the sun!


Please watch our last video of the term from Miss Davenport.  You will need your subtraction skills at the ready for this interactive game.  Click on the first link below to listen to one of our favourite Pirate songs. The 2nd link is Miss Davenport's video and the 3rd link for the subtraction game.  Have a fun!

Story time

It's time to relax and finish our learning with a story from Mrs Bennett. Enjoy!

Getting ready for Year One!

Please watch the video below as Mrs Bennett gives you a warm welcome to Year One.

Wednesday 21st July


Watch the video and then go on a question mark hunt!

Have a go at writing down a question and make sure you add a question mark at the end of the sentence.


Can you watch the video and follow with the special friends, green words and red words.


Today you are going to 'Super Subitisers'!  We would like you to become the teachers and teach your grownups all about Subitising.  Please watch the video from Miss Davenport and have fun spotting and asking 'What can you see?'.  

PE - Sports Day

This morning FS2 were due to have a morning of PE, our own mini sports day.  Unfortunately we can not all be together in school but I don't think we should let that stop us having some sporty fun.  Below you will find a grid of activities to try out at home.  Maybe you can have a go at competing against your grownup! Have fun and enjoy!  We would love to see some pictures or videos of you taking part.

Tuesday 20th July


Today is dressing up day. Can you write something about the character or animal you have dressed up as? What do they like to eat? Do they have a job and where do they live?


Tuesday phonics starts with special friends and then new green and red words. Please watch the video and join in.


Please watch Miss Davenport's video all about Subtraction.  Just like yesterday, we will using our counting skills but this time counting back.  Follow the video, pause if you need to so you can write the number sentence down. If you feel like a challenge, please carry on with the number sentences below. We look forward to seeing your learning!




5-4= ?

8-5= ?

11-7= ?

14-6= ?

18-9= ?

Understanding the world

Can you have a go at creating a mini-beast hunt?

You can either download the sheet which is attached or create your own hunt and go exploring in your garden.

Monday 19th July


Please watch the video from Miss Davenport about addition.  For this activity you will need a piece of paper and a pencil.  We are looking at adding two numbers together, finding the total by counting on from the first number.  We work through the questions together but if you feel you need a challenge, have a go at these independently.


Challenge questions:






Good morning,


Please watch Miss Gray read a story by Julia Donaldson. The girl, the bear and the magic shoes. 

The task today is to find exclamation marks in your own reading books. 

* Practice saying different sentences with exclamations mark, remember we are shocked!

* Have a go at writing down or copying one of these sentences.


* Can you have a go at writing a few sentences or even a story with exclamation marks?


Please watch the video

* Focus on special friends

* Green words

* Red words

Understanding the world

Watch the video about teeth and complete the task below.


* Draw your own super hero focusing on teeth.

*Take a picture with you cleaning your teeth.

* Write and draw a poster to tell others about the importance of cleaning teeth.