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Week Commencing: Monday 18th May

Welcome Back!

It's Book Week!

We have got lots of exciting activities for you this week for The Vine Book Week, we hope you enjoy them. We want to see lots of pictures and videos of your activities from this week so don't forget to email them over when you check in with us.

Here is your weekly update from the The Year 6 Team...

Weekly Foundation Subjects Overview:

Here are your (book week) tasks for the foundation subjects this week...

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning, Year 6 - welcome to the last day of learning before half-term! Thank you for all the effort and enthusiasm you have put in since Easter. This term has not been an easy one, so we do appreciate how well you have managed to juggle remote school with lockdown. You all now deserve this two week break (which will hopefully be accompanied by wonderful weather), so switch off your daily alarm, relax, enjoy and have fun with your family. We will be putting up some ideas for activities you can do over half term on the website later on, just in case you get bored.

We do need to make sure that we have had check-ins from everybody this week - there are still a few emails missing. So if you haven't yet sent us an message, please ensure you do so this morning to avoid the follow-up phone call.

Have a fantastic half term, everybody!


COMPETITION TIME!!! The competition today is of course book week related! This one is a little bit trickier so parents, we want you to get involved too! Look at the visual riddles below and see if you can work out the titles of all 5 children's books. The first 10 children (or families) to email us with all 5 correct book titles will be announced the winners. Remember, entries need to be emailed in before 1pm. Good luck!

WINNERS!!! Wow Y6. We have been amazed by how many of you tackled the quiz today and the majority of you got the answers correct! Well done! Due to this, and the fact that lots of you emailed your answers in at around the same time, we are crowning 15 winners today. Congratulations to... Indi, Rosa, Tomas S, Daisy, Ellie, Sia, Abi R, Ilani, Abbie E, Livia, Thomas C, Harry, Ashton, Yara and Oriana!

The answers were of course:

1. Black Beauty

2. Watership Down

3. Alice in Wonderland

4. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

5. The Cat in the Hat

(A big well done those those of you who also got the answers right but didn't make the first 15.)

Here are your English and Maths activities for today:



For your English learning today, we would like you to enjoy some of the Book Week activities that Mrs Irish has put on the Learning Centre pages of the school website. There are quizzes, puzzles, stories to listen to, as well as competitions which you can enter to be in with a chance of winning a prize and certificate!  Follow the links below and have fun!


Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning again Year 6! How are you today?

We know that some of you will be disappointed with the news that Year 6 at The Vine will have to wait a little bit longer before starting back at school (if you have not read your parent mail letter that was sent out yesterday, please do). Of course, we can't wait to see you again but your safety is our priority (as we care about you). The Vine is taking the re-opening of school step-by-step to ensure that we can all stay safe. We will see you again, it just will be a while longer yet. We will keep you updated and for now, remote learning continues as usual.

You have really impressed us this week with your book week learning! We have seen some fantastic sketches of book characters, excellent letters to authors, super book exercise routines, incredible problem solving and colourful rainforest posters. You should be very proud of yourselves! We are proud of you. Keep it up!

Here is today's fun book fact: Michael Morpurgo doesn't write at a desk, instead he sits on his bed, propped up wth pillows! (No that does not mean that you can do your learning in bed today!)

Enjoy your English and Maths learning today...


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning Year 6! What a lovely day it is today! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and we've got more book week activities for you! What more could you want?!

Thank you to those of you who have emailed us this week (which isn't very many of you so far!), it sounds like you are loving book week. So here is another fun book fact for you... Did you know that there is a word for loving the smell of old books? Well there is, it is 'Bibliosmia' (which means the smell and aroma of a good book). See if you can include the word bibliosmia in your learning today!

Here are your English and Maths tasks... 


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Happy Tuesday! Are you enjoying book week so far? We hope you are!

Fun Fact: The most common sentence written in the Harry Potter series is 'Nothing happened.' What other fun book facts do you know? Surprise us with an interesting fact when you email us today.

Have a great day! Here are your English and Maths tasks...



Monday 18th May 2020

Hello Year 6! How are you today? We hope you had a lovely weekend.

Maths and English will be slightly different this week... We have lots of book week tasks for you to do in English and a range of problem solving tasks for your Maths. Here are your tasks for today... Enjoy!