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w/c 18th Jan 21

Exciting news! 

This week on Cbeebies it is Space Week. There is a link below to lots of activities and some video clips which fit in with our topic about space. 


Friday 22nd January

Happy Friday Year 1! Well done for another great week of remote learning! We are so proud of you all and are looking forward to see more of your amazing learning today. We wish you all a lovely weekend and a well deserved rest.


English (approximately 1 hour)

Focus: Can you write 'z' and 'f'?

Today for English we would like you to practise your handwriting again. There is a video for you to watch which will explain how to form the letter 'z' and 'f'. Don't forget to look at the 'teach handwriting' website as well for some more instructions. We are looking forward to see your beautiful handwriting. 


Your second task for English today is to revise your 'chatty friends' sounds. Once you have listened to the video we would like you to have a go and challenge yourself. How many words can you write down for the four 'chatty friends' sounds?


Story time

We would like to end the week with a great story for you to listen to. Today's story is Oi Frog and we are sure you will all enjoy this one. Maybe you can even join in. Thank you Lydia for choosing this lovely book.

Maths (approximately 1 hour)

Sticky Learning Quiz

Today as it is Friday it is sticky learning time again!  There is a quiz of ten questions covering things that we have been learning this week, as well as skills that we have covered previously.  There are also some 'Hot Challenge' questions if you are feeling confident.  Watch the first video with the questions, complete your learning, then watch the second video so you can check your answers.  Let us know how you got on and if there is anything you would like help with.

The warm up today is counting in 5s.  Join in with the song and look at the coloured numbers on the hundred square to help you.  The more you join in the easier it will get!  Next week we will be counting objects grouped in fives so this is great practice.

Art (approximately 1 hour)

Focus: Can you construct your rocket using card and found materials?

Wow, Year 1! You have really impressed us all with your amazing rocket designs last week. Today it's construction time!

We are going to build our own rockets using our design from last week to help us. Have a look at the instruction video and find out what Mrs Teirlinck's rocket looks like. We are looking forward to see your fantastic art work today!

Have a great time making your rocket!


Thursday 21st January

Good morning Year 1. We hope that you are all well today and ready for your remote learning.


English - Approximately 1 hour

Focus: Can you spell words with a given spelling pattern?

Today for English we would like you to practise your spellings for this week. You have these already in your remote learning packs at home, they are labelled 'Week beginning 18.1.21'. There is a video to watch which guides you through your spellings, one for Group A and one for Group B. Again, this is indicated on your spellings in your pack. 

Focus: Can you answer questions about what you have read? 

Today we will be emailing you your guided reading book for this week. After feedback from several families we are trialing a different approach to the guided reading this week. We have made copies of the reading scheme which we use in school to use. You can either read the book on screen or, if you'd rather, print it off. There are words to practise reading before you read the story and questions at the end. Please read through and discuss the questions together. There is no need to write any of the questions down. 

In Phonics today we are revising the 'u-e' sound and there is a game to play. Watch Mrs Bennett play it in the video resource centre. 

Story time

Mrs Lee has made a film of The Bear and the Piano - this is one of our favourite books in Year 1! Thank you Annabelle for choosing this. 

Maths (approximately 1 hour)

Can I compare numbers to 100?

Last term we compared numbers within 20, using the words greater than, less than and equal to.  We also learned to use the symbols for this, < > = and talked about how the 'alligator' always likes to eat the greater number!  (The link to the song is below). Today we are extending these  skills to higher numbers.  Watch the teaching video which will tell you which numbers to compare and have your hundred square handy to help you.

Our warm up today is counting in 2s.  This is a really  useful skill which we will be using again next week to count objects.


Science (approximately 1 hour)

Can I investigate?

Today in Science we are focussing on our scientifc enquiry skills.  This means that we will be predicting, testing, recording our results and thinking about what we have found out - just as working scientists do!

We would like you to investigate materials by finding out which materials are magnetic (that means they will stick to a magnet) OR which materials are waterproof (that means water cannot pass through them). Of course if you want to do both that would be fantastic!

You will need a magnet (a fridge magnet will do) and a selection of materials to test like a penny, a marble, a brick etc.  Watch the teaching video which will explain more.  For the waterproof investigation ask a grown up to help you find a transparent pot, some different materials (such as kitchen roll, foil)  and of course some water.  Again watch the teaching video and the clip 'A waterproof umbrella' to find out more.

We fully understand that some of you may not have any of these things handy  at home or maybe doing your learning in a room which would make this tricky.  If so, please don't worry - watch Ms Manning's Waterproof Investigation and tell us what you have found out!  We hope you have fun being scientists today!

Wednesday 20th January

Happy Wednesday everyone! It was so lovely to see all of the different moon models and pictures you labelled yesterday and we're so glad you had fun doing them.


English (Approximately 1 hour)

Focus: Can you sequence events and add labels? 

Today we will be learning about Neil Armstrong in a bit more detail. There is a video for you to watch and the PDF of this is also attached below if you wanted to challenge yourselves and read it as well. For your activity you will need the Neil Armstrong sheets in your remote learning packs at home. Please sequence the pictures and then add them to the timeline. When you have done this please add labels to describe what each picture is showing. This is all explained in the video. 

For Phonics today there is a game to play, 'o-e' real and alien words. Please watch the video to show you how to do this. The game is in your remote learning pack at home and there is a PDF of it below in case you cannot find it. 


Clara has asked us to read 'Whatever Next' which is a great story to fit in with our space topic! 

Maths (approximately 1 hour)

Can I find 1 more and 1 less than a number to 100?

Today in Maths we are continuing to learn about numbers to 100 by finding 1 more and 1 less.  Last term we used this skill within 20, so we are now ready to apply it to higher numbers.  We can think of 1 more as adding 1 or counting on 1.  We can think of 1 less as subtracting 1 or counting back 1.  Please have your hundred square handy to help you.  There is a link to a game to help you practise this skill, then there is a task to do in your remote learning book.

For our warm up today we are continuing to practise our number pairs.  Today we are revisiting our number pairs for 9 and as usual there is a song to help you!


RE (Approximately 1 hour)

Focus: Can you retell the story of The Prodigal Son?

Today we are going to listen to the story of The Prodigal Son? This is one of the stories Jesus shared with his followers and which he used to teach about the importance of forgiveness. There is a video for you to watch in which we will read you a short version of the story. You can have a go at reading the story yourself as well by clicking on the Powerpoint below. 

There is also a great, detailed version of the story of The Prodigal Son on the website of Beginner's Bible for you to watch, which will give you a deeper understanding of the story. Please click on the link below.

After listening to and discussing the meaning of the story, we would like you to retell what happened. Maybe you can make your own finger puppets to help you with this? We are looking forward to see you learning.




Tuesday 19th January

Good morning Amber and Topaz, we hope that you are all well and ready for your remote learning today.


English (Approx. 1 hour)

Focus: Can you add labels?

Today there is a video for you to watch where you will find out more information about the moon. We will then look at how we add labels to a picture or a model to help explain what it shows. For your task today we would like you to create a labelled picture or model of the moon. There is a sheet below which you can print if you would like. However if you would rather draw your own picture that would be great. If you're feeling really creative there is another video which shows you how to create a model of the moon. If you wanted to do this instead then add your labels after and don't forget to send us a picture too.

For Phonics today we are practising the sound 'u-e'. Don't forget to have a go at extending your learning by writing a sentence for each of the words we practise spelling.

Story time

Today Mrs Lee has read a story for you all about aliens, we're sure you'll love it! You'll find this in the video resource centre.


Maths (approximately 1 hour)

Focus: Can I represent numbers to 100?

Today in Maths we are continuing our learning about numbers to 100, so have your hundred square handy.  Yesterday we were looking at how two digit numbers can be represented as tens and ones using different mathematical equipment.  Today we will be reading two digit numbers, counting how many tens and how many ones (we call this partitioning) and then drawing to show this.  Remember to draw the tens as long thin rectangles and the ones as small squares, so it is clear which they are!  When you have finished the examples on the presentation choose some of  your own numbers to represent.  There is also a hot challenge if you are feeling confident!

There is one teaching video to watch today and you may wish to play the basket ball game again to consolidate from yesterday.

Don't forget to warm up your Maths brains by counting in 10s to 100, you can use the song to help you. For an extra challenge count in tens to 200 or count backwards.

PE (approximately 1 hour)

Focus: Can I throw and catch a ball when moving? Can I throw a ball at a target?

It's time to get active again and shake off some of your energy. We hope the weather will be good enough for you today to do your PE learning outside and fill your lungs with some fresh air as well. Like last week we will be focusing on our throwing and catching skills. Today we will throw and catch a ball with a partner while we are moving around. So it would be great if you can get your grown-ups or brothers and sisters involved as well. We will have a go at throwing the ball at a target as well.

Have a look at the video and follow the instructions on there. How many times can you throw and catch the ball when moving around? And how many teddy bears can you hit? 


It would be great to get your body moving on the other days of the week as well. So below you can find a link to the YouTube Channel of Joe Wicks. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9.00 AM you can join in with his 20 minute PE sessions. Have fun!

Monday 18th January

Good morning Year 1. We hope that you're all well and that you've had a lovely weekend.


English (approx. 1 hour)

Focus: Can you edit a sentence?

For your English today our focus is editing our writing, and spotting and correcting mistakes. There is a video to watch which will explain how we do this. At the end of the video there are 3 sentences for you to edit and write correctly in your remote learning books. Please don't forget to email us your learning so we can see how great you are doing.

For Phonics today we are practising the sound 'o-e'. If you wanted to extend your learning see how many different words you can write using the sound 'o-e'. Can you find any 'o-e' words in the books you have at home? 

Story time

Today our story has been requested by Pia. We know that this is a favourite of Year 1. 


Maths (approximately 1 hour)

This week in Maths we will be learning about numbers to 100.  Last term we became familiar with the hundred square; we practised counting forwards and backwards, and reading and writing two digit numbers.  This week we will be building on this by learning how two digit numbers can be split into tens and ones, and how they can be represented using different equipment and drawing. We have previously explored this with numbers within 20.

Today the focus is: Can I identify numbers to 100?  The teaching video is in two parts and there is also a video showing the practical equipment we use to represent numbers in class.  There are links to two games below to help us practise our skills.

Please have your hundred square handy for the warm up song!

Design & Technology (Approx. 1 hour)

Focus: Can you identify how to prepare and cook food in a safe way?

Our focus today is how to prepare and cook food safely. There are 3 videos for you to watch which will help you to understand how and why it is important to be safe when you are working in the kitchen. In the 3rd video there is a demonstration of how to chop and peel vegetables safely using a knife and a peeler. This is something which we would help the children to do in school as part of this unit of work. In the video we reinforce to the children how important it is to never use these utensils unless they are being supervised by an adult. As part of the learning we would like the children to have a go at chopping or peeling fruit or vegetables using the utensils in a safe way with an adult helping them. There is an additional task for the children to design their own poster showing how they can be safe in the kitchen when preparing food. This can be done in their remote learning books. Below are some pictures to help with this along with a link to the videos too.