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Weekly Foundation Subjects Grid

Friday 3 April

Focus: reading

There is a new reading book on tapestry.

Challenge: Can you have a go at writing the sentences I have asked you to do.

Friday 3rd April- English


Focus: Can you read the words?


Help a hedgehog by reading the words on the screen. Click on the link below to go to the game.


Challenge: Can you complete the game by reading all of the words?

Friday 3rd April - Maths 
Can you subtract by counting backwards?
Choose a game to play to reinforce your understanding of subtraction.

Thursday 2 April


Focus: Red words (common words)

We would like everyone to focus on the words in Red please. Can you read them, write them, put them correctly into a sentence independently.

Challenge If you are up for a challenge, can you please learn the words in black.


Thursday 2nd April- English


Focus: Can you write words independently?


Watch the video with Mrs Grimshaw to see if you can write the words independently, using the correct letter formations that you have been learning. Upload your writing to tapestry.


Challenge: Can you write the words in sentences?

Thursday 2nd April - Maths

Can you subtract numbers by counting backwards?

We are continuing with subtraction today. I would like you to really have a go at counting backwards to find the answer. Watch Mrs Westwood’s video for support with this. Have a go at writing your subtraction number sentences and upload them to tapestry.

Wednesday 1st April - Maths

Can you subtract numbers?


Watch the video about subtraction. Find objects in your house to subtract. Remember, subtraction means the amount is getting smaller. Have a go at subtracting by counting backwards to find your answer. Can you use the correct vocabulary? Post your videos to Tapestry.

Wednesday 1st April- English

Focus: Can you form the letters r, v and w?


Follow the link below that will take you to some short animations that will show you how to write the letters r, v and w (as pictured below).

We are looking for lovely letters that start in the middle of the two lines, that are the same size and have lead outs. We would also like to see you holding the pencil correctly. yes

Challenge: Can you write words with these letters in to show off your letter formations?

Wednesday and Thursday

There are 4 video sessions of phonics and reading. Will you please space them out throughout the two days. It is important that the phonic is done in small bites and as many times as you can. If there is a sound your child is finding tricky then focus on that sound for the day. Hide it on a post it around the house. Play games and occasionally ask what's this sound. At school we would randomly ask children sounds when they were playing in the sand , waiting for dinner etc. By the end of this year we would hopefully have all children knowing all the inital sounds and the special friends. For those children who are finding the sounds easily we would expect them to be able to use their phonic knowledge to write sentences with words with special friends and red words.

Tuesday 31 March- phonic and reading

Thank you for your patience, the books should now be posted on tapestry.

Focus- reading the green or purple book

Please follow the video and read either the green or purple books which are on tapestry. 

* Make sure you are writing your name everyday and if this is very easy and all your letters are correctly formed move on to writing your surname and or other middle names that you have.

* Write out the green and red words which are in the books.

* Post your reading of the books on to tapestry.



Write a sentence using some of the words you have practiced today.

Tuesday 31st March - English


Focus: Can you write instructions?


Using the pdf file from yesterday, can you write your own instructions? This could be your own instructions for making a sandwich like yesterday, how to brush your teeth, make your favourite pudding, anything you like! As long as there are clear steps that show how to make something and in the right order.

We look forward to reading your instructions.

Tuesday 31st March - Maths

Can you find 1 more and 1 less?

Play the game below making sure you listen to each question. Find 1 more and 1 less than numbers to 20.


Challenge – Can you play the game to find 10 more or 10 less to help with place value of teen numbers? Watch Mrs Westwood’s video with the tens and ones column to help you.

Monday 30th March


Good morning FS2 and happy Monday. We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for the next week of remote learning. Thank you for all of your amazing learning on tapestry, we are really enjoying seeing how much hard work you are all putting in, keep it up!

Monday 30th March - English


Focus: Can you read instructions?


Click below to read the instructions of how to make a sandwich. See if you can follow them. If you don’t have jam, you can use something else.

Post the results on tapestry so we can see how you got on!

Monday 30 March

Reading and phonic sessions have been uploaded on to tapestry. Please remember to photograph and video the learning so we can see and hear how the children are getting on. thank you.


Monday 30th March - Maths

Can you order numbers to 20 and count backwards?

Last week you were all fantastic with your addition skills. This week we are moving to subtraction and so will begin with counting backwards from 20. Put numbers from 0 to 20 in order and, starting with 20, count backwards along your number line to 0. Make sure you say each number and are careful to not miss any numbers out. Can you count backwards from 20 to 0 without using your number line? Watch the YouTube video to help you.

Challenge- Count to 50 and have a go at counting backwards to 0. Crossing the 10s is tricky so it might help to write them down.


Friday 27th March 2020 - English


Focus: Can you match capital and lower case letters?


Click on the link to play a game to match the lower case letters to the capital letters.

Challenge: Can you say the letter names?


Have fun!

Friday 27th March - Maths 

Can you record your addition? 


So to finish off our week of addition, we are going to record our addition using number sentences. Watch the video, remembering the add '+' and equals '=' symbols, and have a go at making your own number sentences. If you struggle with writing the numbers you can draw the objects for your number sentences like the picture below. 


Challenge- Have a go at making number pairs to 10 e.g. 7 and 3, 5 and 5, 9 and 1. 

Friday 27 March

Focus: Reading and phonics

I will be looking forward to seeing all your writing and listening to you read this book on tapestry.

Thursday 26 March

Focus - phonics and reading.

We are reading Let's go! Please read the story and help sound out the green and red words. Can you please record your child reading the book so I can hear the children sounding out the words.

Thursday 26th March - English

Focus: Can you write sentences?


Watch the video to find out what the sentence is this week.

You will need: paper, pencil, scissors, glue.

Get your grown up to write the sentence ‘Not I said the cat.’ on a piece of paper.  

Show them how we chop up the words in the sentence, muddle them up and them put the words in order.

Tell your grown up how you know it is in order.

Stick the sentence in your remote learning book and write it in your book like we do at school.

Who else says "not I"? Write your own sentence to carry on the story.

Challenge: Can you write the sentences without sticking the sentences in?

Thursday 26th March - Maths 

Can you add numbers by counting on?


Watch the video of Mrs Westwood adding by counting on. Have a go and see if you can add without needing to count all of the objects from the beginning. Count the first group and then put this number in your head before you count on to find the total amount. 


Challenge - have a go at counting on by using a number line like in the video. See if you can use a number line without any objects to help you!

Wednesday 25th March - English

Focus: Can draw a story map of 'The Little Red Hen'?


Below are two story maps of The Little Red Hen.

Using what your remember from retelling the story yesterday, draw a story map to help you retell the story.


Mild challenge: Can you draw a story map of The Little Red Hen? (first picture)

Warm challenge: Can you draw a story map and add labels? ( second picture)


And if you want some more to do...

Hot Challenge: Can you write some of the story?


Please upload them on to tapestry when you're done. We look forward to seeing them smiley

Story Maps

Wednesday 25th March- Maths

Can you add amounts together?

Watch the video of Mrs Westwood adding amounts together using objects. Have a go at adding amounts together using anything in your home. When we are adding do our numbers get bigger or smaller? Can you practice saying the word ‘addition’?

It is really important that the children use maths in their everyday lives. They could add some groups of toys together on their bed when they make it in the morning. They could start with 7 peas on their plate and then mummy adds 4 more. Find different ways of bringing addition into your everyday life.

Challenge: Once you have used objects to add groups together see if you can estimate how many there are. Someone in your house could make a pile of toys and you have to say how many you think there are without counting them. Practice your reasoning skills by saying why you think there are that many.

Tuesday 24th March - English

Focus: Can you retell the story of 'The Little Red Hen'?


Watch the YouTube clip of Pie Corbett retelling the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. Look how he uses actions the same as we do at school to help him retell the story. Can you copy him and retell the story yourself, using the actions?

Make a video or take photos of yourself retelling the story and post it on tapestry.

Pie Corbett telling the Little Red Hen Story

Tuesday 24th March - Phonics and reading

Focus: Non-fiction books

Today we will be reading a non-fiction book all about Hands. Make sure you read the book on tapestry and watch and take part in the green and red words video.

Tuesday 24th March- Maths 
Can you say 1 more than numbers to 20?

Use your numbers from yesterday and put them back in order from 0 to 20. Now watch the video or Mrs Westwood saying 1 more. Can you use your number line to say 1 more than numbers to 20? Now see if you can say 1 more than numbers to 20 without using your number line. 

Challenge: Can you count to 20 starting on different numbers. For example starting on 17, say 17, 18, 19, 20.

Monday 23rd March - English

Focus: Can you enjoy the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’?


Click on the link below to watch Mrs Grimshaw tell the story of ‘The Little Red Hen.’ Leave us a comment on tapestry letting us know what you enjoyed about the story.  We've also uploaded the story so you can read it too.

Monday 23 March- Phonics


We are reading the book Go and Play today.

Have a go at writing the green and red words. It would be great if you could write out the sentences.

Monday 23rd March - Maths 

Can you identify numbers to 20 and put them in order?


Watch my video and say the numbers to 20 out of order. Have a go at writing them on some pieces of paper or post it notes and mix them up. Now put them in order, starting from 0 all the way to 20. Keep the numbers for tomorrow's maths learning! If you find any of the numbers tricky, put them up around your house and keep practicing. 

Week of 23rd March Prime and Specific Areas
Open the file below to see the other activities for you to complete this week. Scroll down this page for the weddings video and The Little Red Hen song. Please upload photos and videos to Tapestry. 
Friday 20th March Maths

Can you name and describe the 2D shapes?


watch the video and say the names of the 2D shapes. Can you find any objects in your house that are these shapes? For example a clock is a circle shape.


Now have a go at the game of sorting the shapes. Say their names and tell mummy or daddy something about them. How do you know it is that shape? What is the same or different between the shapes?

Friday 20th March English

Focus: Can you use describing words?

Click below to match the describing words for Golilocks and Baby Bear.

Friday 20th March Phonics 

Can you read and write the red and green words?


Don't forget to record it on tapestry. 

Thursday 19th March Maths

Can you recognise, create and describe a pattern?

Watch the video and see if you can finish my patterns. Now have a look around your house and see if you can make your own repeating pattern. Remember, if it is repeating it has to be the same over and over again. Can you describe your pattern? Upload your photos to tapestry. 
Thursday 19th March English

Focus: Can you write words with the e and s?

Follow the link below (FS2) to the video... write the words Mrs Grimshaw is saying.


Thursday 19th March Phonics 

Today we are reading Jan's pancake. 


Take a video and upload it to tapestry. 

Wednesday 18th March Maths

Can you talk about capacity?

This week in Maths we have been learning about capacity. Above is a document with lots of great vocabulary about capacity. Search your house for different containers and compare which one can hold the most amount of water. Can you match your containers to the pictures and talk about it. We look forward to seeing the photos and videos on Tapestry.

Prime Area Resources 
How is marriage viewed in different faiths? | Religious Studies - A Question of Faith
Phonics resources 

Please look at the daily videos. Keep smiling.


Visit the Video Resources for fabulous learning tips including letter formations